Melitta Look V Therm Timer

Melitta Look V Therm Timer


Melitta have been serving hot cups of coffee for over a hundred years now. Founded in 1908, as a humble manufacturer of coffee filters, they have now grown into an established company in an incredibly competitive industry. Due to a few famous brands that dominate the market, you may have overlooked Melitta, but you will certainly not be overlooking the Melitta Look V Therm Timer!

Melitta Calibra Coffee Grinder



If Italians are discerning about one thing, it’s flavour. They understand there is no point buying your favourite coffee beans, or blend of beans, if you can’t then grind and infuse them to your own particular taste. With the Calibra, Italian coffee brand Melitta have produced a quality grinder that - with 39 settings - ensures you can fine tune your favourite coffee, to your own idea of perfection, on your worktop.

Brabantia XL Comfort Ironing Board

RRP £98.00

I’m not one for domestic chores but this ironing board, size C in the range, makes me feel like I need an upgrade! Measuring 124cm x 45cm (dimensions including the steam unit holder and legs are 159cm x 49cm), this board feels incredibly sturdy. With non-slip feet and several height adjustments, (older) family members have no excuses when it comes to ironing their own uniform/sports kit/king size sheets!