Brabantia Rotatry Dryer Lift-O-Matic Advance

It has taken me 14 years since I first moved out of my parents’ home but I feel like I have finally become an adult, I have had airers set up in my bedroom, pants hanging out the window and bras dangling off radiators for far to long, but those days are over now I have a Rotatry Dryer (turns out they are not called clothes whirly’s after all). When it comes to Rotatry Dryers you cannot go wrong with a Brabantia, think of them as the Porsche of getting you shirts dry, the Lift-O-Matic Advance is the 911.

Siesta Charge Alarm Clock

Waking up is tough for some. Not everyone can wake up bright and early at 5am, walk to the shop for a newspaper, or go for an early swim at the pool. This were things I admired about my Grandad, but you won’t see me waking up naturally that early! I need forcing out of my duvet cocoon!

Rok EspressoGC

Making coffee has become an art, science and form of witchcraft, and this fascination with the perfect beverage doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. As well as independent coffee shops springing up around every major and minor city, people are looking to recreate the same experience at home. You’ve probably seen mechanical personal barista set-ups, but ROK’s products provide ways to do the same steps by hand.

Melitta Coffee Machine - The Avanza

For those of us who have ever felt overwhelmed by the variety of buttons and functions on a coffee machine, the all-new Avanza from Melitta is here to save the day. The Avanza is undoubtedly one of the smallest and slimmest fully-functional coffee machines on the market - it’s only 20cm wide! Striking in its compact simplicity, the coffee machine boasts a newly developed control panel that’s remarkably easy to use. Perfect for when you’ve just rolled out of bed!

Groov-e Light Curve Alarm Clock

When winter comes around, it soon becomes tough to rise and shine – because there is no shine! The long dark mornings make waking up early and getting ready for the day an arduous task. But fear not, the Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock with Radio from Groov-e can help you. Groov-e has crafted a sleek and modern looking alarm clock that looks designer. It has a digital interface that is easily navigated with touch control. Fundamentally, it tells the time and it wakes you up, whilst coming with traditional digital alarm clock features such as an FM radio.

The Cubix Ceramic Heater

The Cubix Ceramic Heater is a small heater that makes a huge impact. It’s quite a slick-looking thing that makes a more attractive addition to your office than a chunky white fan heater, which is what I was using before. Measuring at 26cm H x 14cm D x 22cm W, whilst it isn’t the most discreet, it’s pretty small, and incredibly powerful for it! It has two power settings, 900W or 1800W, with an adjustable thermostat that tells the fan how hot you’d like the room to be.