Coleman Pinto Mountain

This year we decided to upgrade our usual camping trip from a long weekend to a full 10 days of outdoor living. For this we wanted a very specific tent: something you can stand up in, as this makes getting changed and general moving about so much easier. We also wanted plenty of space in the sleeping area, as trying to share an airbed with my husband is similar to trying to take a nap on a bouncy castle at a 6-year old’s birthday party, so this year we want enough space for two single airbeds.

Coleman - FastPitch Air Valdes 4 Person Tent

As my friends and I get older, our annual camping trip has progressed from 2 man tents, ground mats and a tin of beans to a miniature village with all the latest camping gadgets and creature comforts. The Coleman FastPitch Air Valdes 4 Person Tent is just the thing to knock my friends’ pop-up tents out of the park; the Valdes offers idiot-proof erection due to its inflatable pole system, with a high pressure valve for quick inflation and deflation, meaning  the tent can easily be put up by one person.

Coleman - DuraRest Double High Airbed

When it comes to airbeds, mine seem to get bigger and more luxurious every year; I used to sleep on a thin foam ground mat with no trouble. But as time has gone by, getting comfortable has become more difficult and waking up has transformed into a symphony of moans and groans as I try to clamber out of the tent (I can only assume that the ground is getting lumpier these days).

Coleman FastPitch Drake 4 Tent

There is a running joke within our group of friends that one of our mates couldn’t put a tent up even if his life depended on it. I kid you not, this year all he had to do was peg down the outer layer (someone else had already done the rest) and instead he opted for sleeping in his van all weekend, as the prospect of reaching for the mallet was just too much.