Ever since I was a small boy, I have loved torches. It’s strange, really, but I’ve always loved how they give you the power to see the un-see able in the dark. I now live in the countryside, where a good torch is an essential household item, and I am also a keen runner. Even with the long dark nights in winter, I will be found running, so I have used lots of different torches over the years.

Olight I1R EOS

I have an ancient car with an old fashioned, manual, key in the hole locking system - which is all well and good in the daytime - but attempted access at night has resulted in scratches all around the lock as i jab at it blindly in the dark, time for a torch. Now, I could have settled for a £2.99 jobby off eBay that would cast a faint glow for a few months before falling apart, but if you are going to do something you might as well do it right.

Campingaz GT2000PZ Garden Torch

We have had a pretty rubbish summer so far: a few hot days here and there mixed with rain, cold temperatures and even snow - typical England. Because of this, we have rather shamefully neglected our back garden, but I was still surprised by how over-grown it had become when I finally dared to venture out there. Due to living in rented accommodation, we are limited to what we can do with the space, so it remains a rather boring gravelly rectangle with very little sunshine, where even lavender will die.