Primus Lite+ Stove

Have you even been put in charge of tea duty whilst out in the wilderness, only to turn you back for a second and then find the whole thing has tipped over? The Primus Lite+ stove features a unique locking system and a lower burner that makes the whole system much more sturdy than the usual camp stove.  There are so many great little things about this stove, firstly it packs down to a really compact little bundle, if you are using a 100-gram gas cartridge, that and all the accessories can be safely stored inside the 500ml cooking pot.

Kelly Kettle Large Base Camp 1.6LT (Stainless Steel)

Patrick & Seamus Kelly are the 4th generation of Kelly’s to take the helm of the famous Kelly Kettle and camping gear brand. Founded in the west coast of Ireland, the Kelly Kettle was once the secret weapon of the Irish Anglers but has grown in popularity amongst all types of outdoor enthusiasts. The Kelly Kettle provides a completely different way of outdoor cooking, it is so simple and you don’t have to worry about running out of gas or damages.

Jetboil MightyMo

The MightyMo is Jetboil’s first stand-alone universal stove system, meaning you don’t have to have Jetboil’s compatible cookware to use the stove . You can bring your grimy old tins that you haven’t washed since your Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award and they will work just fine (apart from the potential food poisoning). This storable single burner is reasonably lightweight at 95g (3.3oz), although there are lighter models on the market.