BÆndit Eye Wear

Alessandro Schueli and designer Dane Galphin, launched Bændit, a Hong Kong-based brand eye wear with some unusual and innovative features, patent pending structure and materials allowing for a new relationship with our sunglasses. They have a modular design composed of two frames and lens modules, a nose bridge and two temples that all slot together with four and eight pin hand welded alloy attachment, coated with a silicone, sold in two sections, lens and temple set.

Tifosi Synapse - Light Night Lens

Brought onto the market in spring 2017, the Tifosi Synapse sunglasses have a sport lens cut, making them versatile and suitable for any type of sport activity. The Synapse’s feature ‘Tifosi Light Night Fototec’ lenses, which are designed to adjust to changing light conditions. Packed full of technology these glasses have a 30g frame that is very comfortable to wear; you can easily forget they are there!

AYO Light Therapy Glasses

The idea of wearing a pair of glasses that shine light into your eyes might not immediately sound like the most comfortable experience, but trust me when I say that this is a good idea. The AYO uses a similar principle to light therapy boxes, but comes built into a wearable set of glasses. AYO aims to help combat symptoms of S.A.D, Jet Lag, helping maintain healthier body rhythms and boost energy in winter months.