Dragon Alliance Drac Matte Black H2O with Polarised Silver Ion Lens

Dragon Alliance was born in 1993 in a garage in Capo Beach, CA, to the proud father Will Howard, with the aim to build a company that can create eyewear and accessories for active lifestyles and encompass his own passions for surfing, snowboarding, and riding dirt bikes. With the heat wave we have had this year I would have been lost without a decent pair of sunglasses, trying to enjoy a day out whilst squinting and shielding your eyes with your hand, let alone attempting any kind of sports activity.

Zungle Viper

When the weather is glorious and you have a decent tune playing in your ears you can feel on top of the world, even when you are walking to somewhere hideous like the DVLA, the Viper sunglasses from Zungle cut out the cumbersome combination of headphones and sunglasses or earphones with their dangling wires by turning the sunglasses themselves in headphones. The Viper uses bone conduction and Bluetooth to allow you to listen to your music wirelessly but at the same time keeps you connected to the world around you.

District Vision Nagata Running Glasses

Tom Daly (not the guy in Speedos who flings himself off diving boards) and Max Vallot created District Vision in 2015 after a series of life-changing events caused them to discover running and meditation, not necessarily two things you would assume have a lot in common. However, when you consider both practices involve focusing on your breath and body, being fully present in the moment and usually leave you feeling energised and clear headed (only one should leave you covered in sweat and with shin splints).

Bolle Slate

The Slate sunglasses come in five different designs and we received the Polarized Offshore Blue, featuring (unsurprisingly), polarised lenses that align light rays from the sun, which prevents you from getting dazzled whether you are driving, out on the water or simply chilling in the garden.