AlcoSense Breathalysers

We can all get a bit carried away over the Christmas period, if you haven’t had at least one alcoholic drink before midday can you even call it Christmas? It is important to remember not to be an absolute tool and ruin every bodies fun by getting behind the wheel of a car the next day when you are still a little worse for wear, that’s where the AlcoSense collection comes to the rescue.   

AlcoSense Excel

Thinkware Dash Cam F100 and GPS Tracker

The F100 is a budget friendly, front facing Dash Cam from Thinkware, featuring CMOS Image Sensors that aim to provide constant full 1080p HD resolution recording during both daytime and night time, utilising the FAT (File Allocation Table) system, meaning the proprietary Format Free Technology eliminates the need for periodical manual formatting of recorded video files on the microSD memory card. The first thing you may notice that might put you off is the lack of a screen, to view recorded video files you will need to put them on you PC.

RAC 225 S Super HD Dash Cam

Just like the internet and mobile phones, what was once a luxury can become necessity and the Dash Cam is no different, it has become even more vital for me since we have recently had 20km of dual carriage way added to our local area, with many roundabouts, an unnecessary amount of lanes that make zero sense, that have led to numerous accidents and constant cut up (I will save the rest of my rant for my local MP), so evidence has become a must. The RAC 225S Super HD dash cam, is a compact forward-facing camera with GPS, packed full of functions to help kee

Knox Handroid MKIII Motorcycle Gloves

The Knox Handroid Glove is a multi-award-winning glove with a unique design to help reduce some of the more common injuries caused by the natural reaction of putting your hands out in front of you when you fall. It is a fully CE certified sports glove with Certified to European CE Standard EN 13594 – 2012.

Angelwax Enigma collection

Enigma Ceramic Infused Shampoo

This car shampoo has been created using the latest ceramic technology, this means that when used regularly the ceramic molecules bond to the vehicle to form a protective coating over the surface and rejuvenate the appearance. The powerful cleaning performance cuts through grime and dirt, and help protect the coating underneath, available in a 500ml bottle. 

Enigma QED Ceramic Detailing Spray

Nextbase Mirror Dash Cam

The Nextbase Mirror Dash Cam aims to minimise clutter in your field of vision by integrating the camera and screen into the already existing part of your car, the rear-view mirror. This mirror can be attached to all sizes of existing mirror via five suction cups which hold it securely in place, it also features a backup strap mounting for belt and braces. The Mirror has a lightweight design and an inbuilt 6G Glass lens that records at 1080p HD, it has a 140° wide viewing angle to capture everything that’s going on ahead of you in the road.

Nextbase DAB Radio Adapt DAB250

I recently had the pleasure of having my car decluttered by a member of the local community. What I mean by that is someone lobbed a can of beer through my passenger window and stole my DAB radio, pot of change and sunglasses. Though funnily enough they left my thermal and waterproof boots which were more valuable than the other items put together.