Dainese AWA PM2 Polartec Trousers

Some people may consider the idea of strapping yourself to a dinner tray and throwing yourself down a mountain as a rather peculiar hobby, however for many people (myself included) snowboarding is the most fun you can have in the cold and everyone knows it’s cooler than skiing (shots fired!!) Part of the snowboarding culture is looking sharp on the slopes, your outfit either needs to be sleek and stylish or bold and loud, but whatever you decide to go for it is essential your gear can withstand the harsh conditions on and off the piste.

Dainese Scarabeo Elbow and Knee Guards

I was 12 when Jackass first hit the screens and immediately decided to ignore all those warnings and attempt to jump my mountain bike off a home-made ramp. Unsurprisingly, the ramp immediately collapsed under my weight, locked my front wheel and sent me sailing over the handle bars, just like the boys on the show. Unlike those guys, I hit the ground and burst into tears: this is when I learnt that falling off isn’t funny - it’s painful and dumb.

Dainese AWA M1

If you are looking for a serious upgrade this ski season (and have a good chunk of cash burning a whole in your pocket) the AWA M1 from Dainese could be just what you are looking for. Available in four designs, Black-Iris, Gun-Metal, Lemon-Chrome and Stretch-Limo it comes in sizes XS-XL. What makes the M1 special is the layering system that is made up of a three-layer waterproof breathable outer shell and an insulating, packable inner jacket.

Dainese All Weather Activity Gloves

Last winter we had the best/worst weather depending on who you ask, at the first sight of snow me and the hubster got decked out in our best winter gear and headed out to play! Sadly, after a good solid hour of snow ball fights and snow man construction, my hands were soaking and freezing, turns out my snowboarding gloves only had a life span of 15 years (nothing’s built to last these days).

Dainese Trailknit Pro-Armor Tee

The Trailknit Pro-Armor Tee from Dainese is a protective and functional base layer for trail riding that allows you to integrate protective elements to your apparel when you need it. This is a first from the world of bike wearables which provides all the benefits of a traditional next-to-skin base layer, including temperature regulation and muscle compression, with the added bonus of options for shoulder and back protection when needing to layer up.