Furygan Heat X Kevlar Gloves

Furygan Heat X Kevlar Gloves

RRP £279.99

As the winter months are well and truly upon us, you can feel the cold when travelling on the bike. My hands are the first body part to feel the icy temperatures and cold hands slow my reaction times down, not a good look.  As such, I was eager to try the Furygan Heat X Kevlar Gloves and put them to the test!

INDIK8A Hand Indicators

A very clever safety product that is well worth considering if you are a keen cycling enthusiast. Especially as the evenings become shorter and it becomes more risky to be on the roads for a cyclist. It offers super bright LED’s, great visiblity for both day and night. It also vibrates whilst indicating.

It is chargeable anywhere on the go with a double USB that charges both Indik8as at the same time.

Dainese All Weather Activity Gloves

Last winter we had the best/worst weather depending on who you ask, at the first sight of snow me and the hubster got decked out in our best winter gear and headed out to play! Sadly, after a good solid hour of snow ball fights and snow man construction, my hands were soaking and freezing, turns out my snowboarding gloves only had a life span of 15 years (nothing’s built to last these days).