UA Vanish Woven Shorts

When you are pushing yourself to the limits during your workout you need the appropriate clothing that can keep up with you. The Vanish Woven Shorts from Under Armour are a great choice to join you on your exercise regime. Available in sizes XS all the way up to XXL, they have a fitted finish, which means they are tailored in a more athletic style without being too tight or too loose in any area.

Men's UA Speed Stride 18 cm Woven Shorts

The Speed Stride shorts come in two colours Black or Black, my two favourite colours, but one version has a turquoise lining in the pockets, the fit is close to the skin but not tight or restricting, constructed from a lightweight woven fabric that delivers both comfort and durability. The internal mesh brief liner helps moisture escape the shorts and adds ventilation for when you are working hard.

Rapha Core Shorts

If you expect your legs and glutes to get you where you want to go on your bike it is only right that you treat them with the respect they deserve and clothe them in the appropriate apparel to help you get the best comfort and performance out of your ride. The Women’s Core Shorts by Rapha are great for every day road riding, they have been made for simple and effective performance, whether you are training, commuting or simply getting some time on two wheels for a bit of fun.

Finisterre True North Vox Board Shorts

Finisterre was born in 2003 from the mind of Tom Kay who wanted to create products and appeal for the needs of British surfers, those crazy folks whose love of surf drives them into the cold and harsh British coastlines; Finisterre (which literally translates into end of the earth or land’s end) aims to design functional and sustainable products for those that share a love of the sea and natural world. There are two important things to consider when choosing surf wear, one, the performance capabilities of the apparel, and two, how cool you look in them (th

Under Armour Men's Cage Shorts

First off, I will be basing my entire knowledge of MMA on my HIIT instructor: he puts us through the class like he actually hates us, so I can only assume it attracts tough nuts and lunatics. The Cage Shorts from Under Armour have been created specifically with MMA in mind and have tried to create a tough, light and stretchy fit to let you freely move around.