Rapha Pro Team Bib Shorts II

The Pro Team Bib Shorts II from Rapha have been produced for elite performance on your fastest rides, available in sizes X-Small all the way up to XX-Large and in five colour options, Dark Navy/Grey, Black/Black, Black/High-Vis Pink, Dark Navy and Black/White and you can choose between Long and Regular leg length. Featuring some of Rapha’s leading edge of performance technology, it has been designed for training and racing in the high-pressure environment of the WorldTour.

Rapha Core Shorts

If you expect your legs and glutes to get you where you want to go on your bike it is only right that you treat them with the respect they deserve and clothe them in the appropriate apparel to help you get the best comfort and performance out of your ride. The Women’s Core Shorts by Rapha are great for every day road riding, they have been made for simple and effective performance, whether you are training, commuting or simply getting some time on two wheels for a bit of fun.

Rapha Women’s Brevet Visibility Jacket

Today I saw an excellent example of exactly how you should cycle in the winter months. Not only was it dark and gloomy it was also very foggy, and this person was cycling along, wearing a black jacket and black pair of trousers with the most pathetic red rear light. This dangerous combination meant I couldn’t see the cyclist until I was right on top of them! If they made it home safely, it would be a miracle…

Rapha For Apple Convertible Backpack / Tote

This unique and versatile backpack has been specifically designed for Apple products (don’t worry, other products won’t spontaneously combust if you put them in there). It can be worn in two ways, either over the shoulders like a regular back pack (ideal for cycling) or as a tote bag (Ideal for toting).

Rapha Pro Team Aero Jersey

The Aero Jersey from the ‘Pro Team collection’ has some bold new branding that riders will either love or hate - a bold, raised rubber Rapha takes up the entire length of the left arm, there are six stripes on the back right pocket, and a smaller Rapha and stripes either side of the zip at the hem. If you don’t fancy flashing the branding about, you can order the Aero in Black, but the two other coloured options - Grey Blue and Dark Green - are very attractive.

Rapha Pro Team Lightweight Gilet

When you need a little protection in the unpredictable weather, but don’t want to be bogged down with bulky gear that you might want to remove after your initial warm up, the packable wind gilet from Rapha’s Pro Team range is could be exactly what you need. Available in four colours, Black, Grey Blue, Bright Orange and Hi-Vis Pink, this ultra-lightweight Gilet is a thin but tough outer layer that can be used all year round, during warm ups, cool downs, early starts and moving into cooler evenings as soon as the sun drops.

Rapha Brevet Winter Tights with Pad

The Brevet Winter Tights are designed for winter riding, offering maximum comfort and insulation in cold conditions. The upper is made from a lightweight 92% polyester and 8% elastane, and the legs are made from 85% nylon and 15% elastane, with a soft brushed fleece lining that traps warm air to insulate your legs against cold days and wind chill.