Bellroy Note Sleeve

Straight away I loved the way this product was packaged, people like to say you should never judge a book by its cover but the beautifully embossed, stitched and lined cardboard wallet hinted at a quality that was hard to ignore (with bonus points for being recyclable). The Note Sleeve, as with all the Bellroy products aims at keeping things slim, they eliminate leather in between the pockets to reduce bulk whilst designing the pockets as such to allow for easy access, for example the cheeky pull out tab is an innovative idea that slides any infrequently u

Go Travel RFID Wallet

As the world becomes more and more reliant on digital payments cash pickpockets have had to invent new ways to steal our hard-earned cash. With the rise of contactless bank cards, there is now a fear that the baddies of the world have the same card machines as your local pub and are hanging around on street corners stealing your money and personal information as you unknowingly walk by.

Distil Union Wally Agent

Distil Union was formed by Nate Justiss and Lindsay Windham in 2011. The micro-collective of designers aims to create products to improve experiences in our everyday lives by self-funding from Kickstarter (six projects to date). The Wally Agent is part of their leather Wally range; this take on the typical billfold aims to offer a slim profile with easy access via the interior pull-tab pockets. It sports four interior pockets plus a section for notes, intended to make the Agent the ideal choice for a front-pocket storage.