The Activ5 is a small home isometric workout device that allows you to access a full body workout all from using this small apparatus. The Activ5 connects to your phone via Bluetooth and measures your strength, precision endurance all through squeezing the appliance together over set periods. The Activ5 Training app features some different games you can play to make exercising with this device more fun and a little less laborious.


When you think of air pollution, your mind probably conjures up images of smoggy city streets packed with cars or huge factories pumping out plumes of grey smoke, but did your ever stop to consider that your home could also be filled with polluted air? Probably not, because you are a normal person, but consider the things we have and do in our house on a daily basis: cleaning, cooking, wood burners, and even outdoor polluted air getting trapped inside. The Foobot is an in-home monitor to give you a greater insight into your rooms’ air quality.