Amazfit GTS 3

Amazfit GTS 3

The GTS 3 smart watch from Amazfit takes fitness watches to new heights and (thanks to its water resistance) depths. Available in three colours with the earthy names Graphite Black, Terra Rose and Ivory White, this watch looks neat and stylish and, more importantly, offers an awesome range of functions that mark it out as a strong competitor in the smart fitness watch arena. 

Owlet Cam and Smart Sock

Owlet Cam £149

Owlet Cam and Smart Sock Bundle £379

Bringing your newborn home and daring to take a step out of the same room is an enormous leap of faith for new parents, for me the need for reassurance is constant. But having a baby monitor that you watch with the same obsession as you watch your newborn gives little opportunity for all-important rest.

Spyderx Datacolour

For photographers, designers and anyone else who edits digital images, correct colour calibration is essential. If your monitor isn’t showing you the ‘true’ colour of an image, then when you print it, send it to clients or post it online, you could be in for a shock. Screens come with a limited ability to check their calibration, but to nowhere near the accuracy that’s needed. When trying to check something so subjective yet so important, how can you trust that the work you’re producing looks the way it should?

KardiaMobile 6L EKG

The KardiaMobile 6L EKG is the only personal 6-lead EKG that is FDA-approved. With this nifty little device, you can monitor and record your heart rate whenever you need to, from the comfort and ease of your own home. The device can analyse your data and alert you to any potential problems, and also allows you to provide your doctors with far more information about your health throughout the day, which can empower them to give far more accurate diagnoses and treatment.

Mimo Monitors Magic Deluxe

The Mimo Monitors Magic Deluxe is the world’s first USB driven touch screen monitor. From the start it was easy to set up, you download the driver and off you go, the 1024x600 resolution produces a vibrant and sharp picture. The 10.1” screen is small enough to be portable but it’s still a comfortable size to work with, I struggled when I was doing really fiddly work like editing photos through Photoshop but for normal day to day use it was fine.

Gaems M155 Performance Gaming Monitor

Pardon the pun but this little device has been a complete ‘Gaems’ changer for me and is one of my favourite items I have reviewed for GadgetHead as I use it near on every day.  When I get home from work one of my favourite ways to unwind is to get on the Xbox One and have a few games of Fifa or Fallout, previously however I could only play on the main TV in the living room which inevitably led to a few altercations with the other half!


When you think of air pollution, your mind probably conjures up images of smoggy city streets packed with cars or huge factories pumping out plumes of grey smoke, but did your ever stop to consider that your home could also be filled with polluted air? Probably not, because you are a normal person, but consider the things we have and do in our house on a daily basis: cleaning, cooking, wood burners, and even outdoor polluted air getting trapped inside. The Foobot is an in-home monitor to give you a greater insight into your rooms’ air quality.