Soundfreaq - Charge Rise

Soundfreaq - Charge Rise 
Two essential bedside items in one, the Charge Rise from Soundfreaq combines an alarm clock and wireless phone charger.  Throw your phone down and have it charge overnight without needing to plug it in, and be able to easily see the time and deal with your alarm without having to faff with your phone then, either. Perfect! 

AA Smart Breakdown

RRP £49 per year OR £5 per month


The AA Smart Breakdown is an innovative new device from the AA. Previously, you would have only realised your car was breaking down if you saw a red light flashing on your dashboard, heard a weird noise, or worst – saw smoke come out of the bonnet! No longer must you get to the point of no return on your journey before you call the AA!


The Activ5 is a small home isometric workout device that allows you to access a full body workout all from using this small apparatus. The Activ5 connects to your phone via Bluetooth and measures your strength, precision endurance all through squeezing the appliance together over set periods. The Activ5 Training app features some different games you can play to make exercising with this device more fun and a little less laborious.