KitSound BoomBar 2+ Bluetooth Speaker

The KitSound BoomBar 2+ is self-described as “retro inspired design meets modern innovation”, meant to look like an 80’s boombox, personally, I think the design looks rather modern and not very retro or 80’s – it’s lacking all the knobs, defined edges and bare bone design of 80’s boombox so does this mean the sound quality is equivalent to a 30year old machine?

KitSound Kinetic Wireless Neckband Headphones

The quickest way to get me in a physical mood is by listening to my favourite tunes and forgetting about 20-40 sweating bodies around me…I am of course talking about working out (sorry to disappoint). Whether you are running outside, lifting weights or listening to a guided workout, the last thing you want is to be tethered to your phone or mp3 player and tangled up in cables. The Kinetic from KitSound is a wireless, Bluetooth enabled set of headphones with a neckband.

KitSound Malmo Bluetooth Speaker

The Malmo speaker comes with the option to connect via Bluetooth, NFC or a 3.5 mm aux cable. The device will ask you to you select which connection mode you need; confusingly, instead of the standard Bluetooth symbol, this option is marked ‘BT’, but it pairs up easily and even allows you to answer calls whilst connected (although a speaker system blasting my mum’s voice as she describes her cat’s latest kill is something that I and my neighbours could have done without!)

KitSound Wireless Music Adaptor

As someone who gets to play with gadgets and the latest tech for a living, you couldn’t be blamed for assuming I would have the most up-to-date gear at home. But rather shamefully, I cling onto some ancient relics like the Canon 350D, a Sony tv that’s older and heavier than I am and an iPod Classic that is about ten years old. The iPod is my biggest frustration, as time after time I get given these awesome Bluetooth headphones that I can’t use with my out-of-date player: Enter the KS Wireless Music Adaptor.

KitSound Parallax Bookshelf Speakers

These bookshelf speakers have built-in amplification with a choice of connectivity and a sleek, stylish design that will compliment your home. This compact kit provides you a good quality sound without the need for an amplifier or loads of cables cluttering up your space. The Parallax kicks out 60 watts of power and the custom crafted DSP (Digital Signal Processing) delivers a clean, even and layered sound that is more than satisfactory for this price range.

KitSound Cayman Speaker

The Cayman speaker is a wireless connecting speaker with large drivers that is powered off of the mains. This British-engineered speaker has fifty watts of power, a dedicated subwoofer and two dedicated sound modes, and two 2.5inch high frequency drivers that work with a 4inch mid/bass driver. It connects wirelessly over NFC or Bluetooth, which is easily done without digging through the instruction manual.