KitSound Kinetic Wireless Neckband Headphones

The quickest way to get me in a physical mood is by listening to my favourite tunes and forgetting about 20-40 sweating bodies around me…I am of course talking about working out (sorry to disappoint). Whether you are running outside, lifting weights or listening to a guided workout, the last thing you want is to be tethered to your phone or mp3 player and tangled up in cables. The Kinetic from KitSound is a wireless, Bluetooth enabled set of headphones with a neckband.

KitSound Wireless Music Adaptor

As someone who gets to play with gadgets and the latest tech for a living, you couldn’t be blamed for assuming I would have the most up-to-date gear at home. But rather shamefully, I cling onto some ancient relics like the Canon 350D, a Sony tv that’s older and heavier than I am and an iPod Classic that is about ten years old. The iPod is my biggest frustration, as time after time I get given these awesome Bluetooth headphones that I can’t use with my out-of-date player: Enter the KS Wireless Music Adaptor.