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We can all get a bit carried away over the Christmas period, if you haven’t had at least one alcoholic drink before midday can you even call it Christmas? It is important to remember not to be an absolute tool and ruin every bodies fun by getting behind the wheel of a car the next day when you are still a little worse for wear, that’s where the AlcoSense collection comes to the rescue.   

AlcoSense Excel

AlcoSense Ultra Fuel Cell Breathalyser

If you are anything like the rest of the UK at moment, you may have just dragged yourself through dry January or even currently attempting to abstain from alcohol for lent, so it would be easy to forget how your toleration levels may have changed when you do go back to drinking. Becoming more of a light weight can be funny to your mates and gentle on your wallet but where it becomes dangerous it the morning after, alcohol in your system can affect your judgement and ability to drive even when you feel sober.

AlcoSense Excel Personal Breathalyser

AlcoSense, based in Maidenhead in Berkshire, was formed back in 2005. The story goes, Hunter Abbott (AlcoSense’s Managing Director) drove home the day after a wedding only to discover a friend, who drank the same amount as Hunter the night before, was pulled over by the police, breathalysed and failed, this led to a 12month driving ban followed by the loss of his job.

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Do you ever have a heavy night, wake up the next morning with a strong coffee and then drive to work? Did you know that you could still be over the legal limit the next day? Maybe you own a business where you need to know you team are always 100% safe to be behind the wheel?