Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor

Peace of mind is one of the top 10 things in the head of a parent and an undisturbed night’s sleep would be up there too, before I had kids, I had a blissful image in my mind of standing in the doorway of my child's bedroom watching them sleep peacefully, turns out in reality this would not be so easy. If you want to check on your child at any point in the night, you need to navigate the clicking door handles, squeaky hinges and the inevitable labyrinth of the creaky floorboards, the Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor maybe a better option for you.


Bresser’s ‘Newton telescopes’ range has become a go-to in deep sky astrophotography, and in this model, that tried and tested design has received a level-up. The MESSIER MCX-127 and telescopes of its ilk prioritise transportability and the tracking capabilities of the GoTo navigator; the NT-203s/800 f3.9 prioritises light gathering and produces brighter images. Its design has been changed from its predecessor by increasing the size of its primary mirror, which makes the images if produces deeper and more detailed.


Bresser offers telescopes for beginners through to specialists and professionals, with many options for advanced amateurs in between. In other words, they know telescopes. With their cheapest telescope at priced at €50 and their highest at almost €10,000, this company offers telescopes of an astronomical range. We looked at two solid offerings that are priced at €799 and €849 - advanced telescopes for a dedicated hobbyist.