Osmo Genius Starter Kit

With so much parental concern about the amount of screen time children are spending in front of computers, phones and tablets, it is refreshing to see just how Osmo have taken this into account for their Genius Starter Kit.

A truly unique educational gaming accessory for the iPad, Osmo have made sure that the experience is more about physical interaction and less about staring at the screen.

Datacolor ColorReader

If you’ve ever tried to colour-match by eye, you’ll know that it’s no easy thing. In fact, it’s a complete nightmare. Depending on the lighting and how long you’ve already been staring at swatches, colours are horrifically subjective. This isn’t just a problem that can occur when painting a room – if you’re designing art or crafts, choosing furniture or making any other choices that involve colour, the ColorReader could be just what you need.