Spyderx Datacolour

For photographers, designers and anyone else who edits digital images, correct colour calibration is essential. If your monitor isn’t showing you the ‘true’ colour of an image, then when you print it, send it to clients or post it online, you could be in for a shock. Screens come with a limited ability to check their calibration, but to nowhere near the accuracy that’s needed. When trying to check something so subjective yet so important, how can you trust that the work you’re producing looks the way it should?

Datacolor ColorReader

If you’ve ever tried to colour-match by eye, you’ll know that it’s no easy thing. In fact, it’s a complete nightmare. Depending on the lighting and how long you’ve already been staring at swatches, colours are horrifically subjective. This isn’t just a problem that can occur when painting a room – if you’re designing art or crafts, choosing furniture or making any other choices that involve colour, the ColorReader could be just what you need.