Nightsearcher BeatLite 500, BeatLite 2000X and GALAXY STAR RECHARGEABLE LED WORK LIGHT

NightSearcher is a UK LED lighting manufacturer that specialises in portable lighting. Floodlights, work lights, searchlights, flashlights and inspection lamps – this company produces lights that could be, and are, used by the emergency services, armed forces, construction companies and more. Professional, industrial-level, and ready for anything, including lighting underground works, these lights won’t let you down.

Factorylux Simple Plug-in Light Pear Shape LED-Filament Bulb

Factorylux is a leading British lighting brand that allows you to create unique and original lighting by offering online configurability, sort of like a pic ‘n’ mix but instead of choosing flying saucers and jelly bears you pick plugs and light bulbs.

Bell Jar Light

I live with a person that I affectionately call a collector but is, in reality, a hoarder in training. It all started as a child with Kinder Egg toys and has progressed as an adult into vinyl records and creepy ‘vintage’ toys and curios. As you can imagine, his eyes lit up when he saw the Bell Jar Light, as his head flooded with items he could display in it.