Dodow Sleep Aid

When it comes to going to sleep there seem to be two camps that people fall into: those who fall asleep the moment their head touches the pillow and those who stare at the ceiling willing themselves to drop off whilst their mind plays over all the ridiculous things they have done over their entire life. Not only is the Dodow Sleep Aid here to give you something other than the Artex to contemplate at night but it can also help you nod off by using breathing exercises to wind the body down, ready for sleep.

myHummy Snoozy

Meet Snoozy, from myHummy this fuzzy little “bear” comes in two colours, Slate or Mint, both modern, gender neutral designs. No pastel pink or sky blue here! Snoozy plays soothing sounds to help lull babies to sleep and can be attached to a cot with a dummy clip. Snoozy comes with five different white noise options to choose from, amniotic fluid with heartbeat (wasn’t he a DJ in the 90’s?), ocean waves, rainfall, vacuum cleaner and a hairdryer. The white noise box sits snuggly inside the body of the toy and can be switched on by squeezing its face.

RESPeRATE 2Breathe Sleep Inducer

A good night’s sleep has the power to make everything feel better, and on the flip side, a bad night’s sleep can make even the smallest issue 100% worse. The RESPeRATE 2Breathe Sleep Inducer aims to help you get to sleep easier by calming your mind and body towards sleep. The 2Breathe tries to reduce “pre-sleep tension” which can become vicious cycle of worrying that you can’t get to sleep and then you can’t sleep because you are in fact worrying.

Sleep Shepherd

As someone who often struggles with falling to sleep, or getting enough of it, I am always willing to try out products that offer a solution to this. The Sleep Shepherd aims to help you get to sleep and measures your quality of sleep during the night. Essentially it is a head band you wear at night with built in speakers and an EEG brainwave monitor (don’t worry this isn’t as scary as it sounds). The built-in speakers play binaural beats, one played into each ear, each tone is set to a precise, but different frequency with an adjustable volume.

Sweetdreamers ewan the Dream Sheep

ewan (yes, he has a name) is not just a cute soft toy - he is also a clever sleep aid that plays soothing sounds to help lull restless babies and toddlers to sleep. Unlike the traditional mobiles that play lullabies, ewan uses sounds and light to replicate the experience a baby would have in the womb, making for an easier transition from womb to world.

myHummy Filbert Sleep Aid

As any parent will tell you there comes a time when you little darling just won’t go to sleep and where you would literally try anything that helps. Have you tried sleep aids? These devices can make all the difference to the first few months of parenthood and could possibly just save your sanity. Filbert the bear from myHummy, is a smart little bear, approx 19x36cm, with a bowtie and checked sleeves, soft but not fluffy or as cute as some other sleep aids on the market.