Simba Hybrid Pillow

Ensuring you have the right bedding can be just as vital for a good night’s sleep as avoiding that evening coffee or cheese board, and no I am not talking about dressing your bed in your favourite Marvel character duvet cover. An overlooked item in the bed is the pillow, however these squidgy cushions can make all the difference between a night spent tossing and turning and getting a decent eight hours kip, but with so many different varieties available it’s hard to know where to start.

Tempur Comfort Pillow Cloud

It was only after a trip to America I realised how uncomfortable my pillows were, it becomes one of those things you are so used to you don’t even notice until you have something to compare it to, in the US, in every hotel we stayed in, even the skankiest motel they seemed to have the softest pillows and no less than about eight per bed (I’m not sure how many people they expect to share a bed), on my return it felt like my pillow was stuffed with rocks.

The Cat’s Trapeze

Anyone who owns a cat knows they are not like the cat-food adverts portray. They are, in fact, furry little gits who enjoy nothing more than destroying your possessions. As a matter of fact, only yesterday did one of my litter-kickers decide to wake me by knocking over an entire pint glass of squash on my bedside table, sending an orange tsunami over my books and phone. Designer Esther van der Wurff also owns hairy little devils, which led her to design the Cat’s Trapeze when her kittens refused to stop using her curtains as a climbing frame.