BrydgeAir Keyboard

We had the pleasure of testing the BrydgeAir Keyboard with the iPad Air 2, ideal if you type a lot on your iPad and want to transform it into a mini netbook. The Keyboard is not going to win any awards for being light it is beautiful designed from aluminium and weighs 520g / 1.15lb but this isn’t a cheap piece of tat it is a high quality tactile keyboard, user tip if you are using it as a laptop do not put it on bare legs as it is super cold.

Case Logic Snapview Tablet Case

The Rotating Folio for Case Logic is a moulded polycarbonate hard shell case that is compatible for the 9.7" iPad Pro and iPad Air 2.

The cool thing about the Rotating Folio is, as the name suggests, that it rotates 360°, making it easy to use in the both portrait and landscape orientation. The case is tactile, with grip on its outer layer to keep your iPad safe, and a soft, suede-like interior to protect it from daily wear and tear.

Flote Orbit

I remember when I bought my first case for my kindle, I was so excited that you could flip the case over and use it as a stand I thought it was the coolest thing ever. However it was delicate and if you happened to sneeze in that general direction it would collapse.