Divoom Ditoo-Pro Retro Pixel Art Bluetooth Speaker

Divoom Ditoo-Pro Retro Pixel Art Bluetooth Speaker


Designed with a retro vintage feel like many of the old computers and arcade machines we are familiar with, the Ditoo-Pro is an all-around useful little gadget that allows you to listen to your favourite music, create exceptional pixel art and receive your notifications all in one little device.


Forget the average, flat-to-the-ground toy keyboard – your kids can be Schroeder from Peanuts with the Deluxe Grand Piano from Hape. This mini piano is part of a series of designs from Hape, which include mini black and pink baby grands and a mini red upright piano. However, looks-wise, the Deluxe Grand Piano in white takes it that extra bougie level.

Hot Dox Complete Kit

Let’s face it - we spend a lot of time using keyboards. If you spend a lot of time glued to yours, you may have found your wrists and fingers complaining. For a while, ergonomic keyboards have attempted to ease the strain on our hands, but one of the most unique solutions is the Ergodox. This design splits your keyboard in half, into two pieces that are curved in a shape that mimics the natural reach of your hand.