Solar Tackle P1 Euro Worldwide Pod

The Worldwide - the market-leading rod pod - has now been upgraded for the P1 range, including the ‘Big Boy Version’. The P1 Euro Worldwide Pod is identical to the P1 Worldwide Pod however the Euro version comes with a longer, adjustable main bar (1m to 2m) and two long, adjustable front legs (1m to 1.33m).

Solar Tackle SP C-Tech Bedchair (with Detachable Bag)

There is nothing that has quite the same impact on the quality of your day as a bad night’s sleep and the last thing you need when trying to participate in what should be an enjoyable hobby is to be ruined by a semi-deflated air bed or lumpy uncomfortable foam liner. The SP C-Tech Bedchair from Solar Tackle has been created to provide you with a comfortable space to sit whilst fishing and then sleep comfortably in the great outdoors when you haven’t managed to catch anything for over five hours.

GoFish Cam

It’s strange to think that when you go fishing and you are sat in your chair, enjoying the sun (if you are lucky), all the action is taking place out of sight just a few meters away. It’s all too easy to imagine, after a few hours, that there is a prize-winning fish sitting next to the line having a giggle at your expense. Well, now you can spy into all that underwater drama with the use of the GoFish Cam (not to be mistaken with a Plenty of Fish cam).

Khyam Igloo Quick Erect Tent

One of the biggest pains in the butt when it comes to camping is actually pitching your fabric home. It often involves a whole bunch of poles that look exactly the same and trying to work out where on earth they go. The Igloo from Khyam takes away some of the hassle, but using their ‘Khyam Rapidex Quick Erect System’ (no giggling please), where all poles are sewn into the flysheet, all you have to do is simply click them into place which takes a matter of seconds. This makes it easy to move between sites and just sit down with a beer.

Preston Innovations Space Maker Flat Back Brolly

The Preston Innovations Space Maker is a flat back umbrella that gives you 20% extra coverage than the average umbrella ensuring you stay dry in the rain and protected in the sun. Preston has created the Space Maker Flat Back Brolly with short spokes to reduce the excess unusable space at the back of the brolly when it is used at a tilted angle, it means you don’t have metal spokes pressed into your head as you try to keep out of the rain.