Women's UA Vanish Leggings Poised Graphic

These fitted leggings feature UA’s Next-to-skin without the squeeze design that hug your skin but allow complete freedom of movement for all those horrible things like lunges, tuck jumps and burpees. These leggings are missing a draw string which would help prevent the threat of a builder’s bum during movements like mountain climbers, however there is an envelope back storage pocket designed into the waistband to store valuables that are easily accessible during the workout, no zips no poppers but secure.

Women's UA Vanish Asymmetrical Low Sports Bra

This bra comes in either Black or Purple, the latter colour seems a popular choice in the latest Vanish range, I am not a massive fan of the pastel purple (it could be worse, it could be pink) but the Black will suit me just fine. This bra has been designed for Low impact sports and it certainly means it, I decided to take a quick run on the treadmill after some weight training and bounced around rather uncomfortably.

Under Armour Vanish Printed Leggings

One of the downsides to working out a lot is how often you will end up washing your gym gear. Unless you want to gross out your gym buddies, you can only get away with wearing something once before you need to throw it in the wash again. This means, as I work out 5-6 times a week, I have a hell of a lot of gym tights, so I like to think myself as a bit of a connoisseur when it comes to what makes a decent pair of work out bottoms.

Women's Under Armour Vanish Tank

It has been a very hot summer so far for training and with only a handful of tanks in my collection, I was pleased to see the UA Vanish Tank arrive.

Available in Black, White, Red and Orange, I received the Orange version which, although orange isn’t necessarily the best colour with my pasty skin-tone (English rose is a more romantic term), the bright colour will help you be seen which is especially important for road running.

Under Armour Men’s SpeedForm AMP 3.0 Training Shoes

One of my least favourite things is to go shoe shopping (in fact, make that any kind of shopping) when the old reliable trainers have to be retired due to falling apart with every step, or the smell has just become too overpowering. You pop into your favourite sports store only to be faced with an intimidating wall of shoes, which, more or less, all look the same.

Under Armour Men's Cage Shorts

First off, I will be basing my entire knowledge of MMA on my HIIT instructor: he puts us through the class like he actually hates us, so I can only assume it attracts tough nuts and lunatics. The Cage Shorts from Under Armour have been created specifically with MMA in mind and have tried to create a tough, light and stretchy fit to let you freely move around.

Women's Under Armour Breathe Trainer Training Shoes

I remember, when I was a kid, I had three pairs of shoes: wellingtons, school shoes and little trainers to run around in. Now I’m all grown up, I seem to have shoes for every occasion and that includes just two pairs of heels (much to the despair of some of my girlfriends). However, I like to have the appropriate gear for the job, so, if I’m walking, I have walking shoes; for hiking I have hiking boots; I have running shoes and now, thanks to Under Armour, some brand-new training shoes.

Women's Under Armour Vanish Mid Sports Bra

Sports bras come in all shapes and sizes and finding the right one for the right exercise can be a real challenge, the UA (Under Amour) Vanish Mid Sports Bra has been created to provide support for medium impact activities like cycling, weight training and boxing. Available in a range of attractive colours, Black, Black with branding, Blue, Pink, Grey and my personal favourite Green, which is a two-toned design with a teal base and aqua detailing.