DeLonghi Avvolta Kettle

A kettle might not seem like an important gadget in your house, but this unsung hero is quite often the first appliance you use in the morning, it can play a part when preparing meals and always gets switched on when guests come to call. Efficiency doesn’t have to mean dull and the Avvolta is anything but dull, it comes in three colours - Red, Black, White - and has transparent and opaque alternating resin rings that wrap around the outer body and produce a unique, quirky look (matching toasters available).


Slowly but surely, I’m installing robot servants throughout my house. As soon as I spied the Appkettle box in the office, I had downloaded the app before I got my grubby little paws on it. The Appkettle is the world’s first voice enabled kettle and works with Alexa and it connects to your Smart Home devices using IFTTT. You can link the Appkettle preferences with hundreds of smart home products and services. Starting with its general appearance, the Appkettle looks like any other kettle, which is a bit disappointing.

Kelly Kettle Large Base Camp 1.6LT (Stainless Steel)

Patrick & Seamus Kelly are the 4th generation of Kelly’s to take the helm of the famous Kelly Kettle and camping gear brand. Founded in the west coast of Ireland, the Kelly Kettle was once the secret weapon of the Irish Anglers but has grown in popularity amongst all types of outdoor enthusiasts. The Kelly Kettle provides a completely different way of outdoor cooking, it is so simple and you don’t have to worry about running out of gas or damages.