Varidesk Exec 40

With many of us spending way too much time on our backsides, it is important to try to be as active as possible in day to day life to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but how do you do that when your life style consists of 7-9hours-a-day sat at a desk at work? Varidesk has made it their mission to tackle this problem head on but creating active workspaces, allowing the user to work either standing or sitting and to quickly change between the two positions.

Varidesk Corner Cube 48

We’re all sitting down too much - the average for an office worker is 10 hours a day - and there’s a mountain of research that says this is increasing our risk of heart disease, diabetes and obesity to name but a few. So whether it’s for health reasons or because you want to be able to spy on the next cubicle, standing desks are becoming more and more popular.

Bakker Elkhuizen Ergo-Q 260 Notebook Stand

With our small electronic devices becoming more powerful, we can find ourselves spending long hours hunched over a tablet or small netbook and this position can wreak havoc with you posture and cause pain in the neck and shoulders. The Ergo-Q 260 Notebook stand has been designed to significantly improves the sitting posture, reducing neck strain by 32% and improving comfort by 21% (Lindblad, 2002).

Bakker Elkhuizen FlexDesk 640

If you could see my desk right now you would probably wonder how I get any work done. And if you are my boss then you will instantly understand why I am constantly behind deadline. It looks like a combination of a teenager’s bedroom and all the junk mail I have ever received got caught in a hurricane and happened to land on my work station.