Foreo LUNA fofo

Your daily skincare routine can now get an upgrade with the app-connected LUNA fofo.

This smart cleansing and massaging device gives you a personalised facial at a touch of a button. The ultra-compact design means that it can easily travel with you and the straightforward functionality makes it a quick and simple process to use, wherever you might be.

Foreo IRIS Eye Massager

The Iris Eye Massager, sounds terrifying right? When I took it out of the box it looked a little bit scary too. There is a quick guide to get you started with a couple of pictures and a teeny tiny printed instruction booklet, the best way to find out how to use the massager is to go to their website and download the PDF for clear instructions. The IRIS comes with a USB charger as well as a microfiber bag, one charge will give you 140 uses so if you use it twice a day (as you are meant too) that gives you just over two months without having to recharge.

Foreo Espada

You may associate acne as a problem with teenage skin but adult acne can crop up at any time (normally just before your best friend’s wedding or a job interview)! It can be caused by stress, diet medications, your skin care/beauty routine, a hormonal imbalance or simply genetics. The Foreo Espada aims to fight acne by using the dual power of laser-focused blue LED light and T-Sonic pulsations to target and reduce the appearance of blemishes.