STM Goods BagPack

STM Goods BagPack


I’m the worst for overpacking and leaving very little space for some essentials such as a bag to take with me on the go every day once I get to my destination. Therefore, I was super excited to hear about STM Goods’ BagPack which provides the functionality of a traditional rucksack without the additional bulk and added weight in your luggage. 

Dakine team mission pro 32l

I am so impressed with this backpack from day one. It's the right size for an everyday pack.  There are some many features to this backpack, but one of the coolest is a camel pack holder and a hideaway spot for the mouthpiece, so nice!  It's so comfortable as the chest straps open big enough, so it doesn't restrict your breathing!! Some other things that impressed me as the size of the bag is bigger than some but doesn't feel it or heavy which is amazing.


Targus Steelseries 17.3 backpack

Targus is a top name in computer bags for technicians. Personally, I feel they have not disappointed with this gaming backpack. The bag is generously sized and can accommodate a larger screen laptop for gaming. I bought it for my gaming laptop which has a screen size of 17.5” and it fits perfectly in the compartment. There is ample padding: both for protection of the equipment and for the comfort of the wearer.

Lowe Alpine AirZone Pro 35:45 Rucksack

The AirZone Pro is designed to be a four season hillwalking and lightweight trekking, it is absolutely rammed with special features, first and foremost is the most distinctive aspect about this bag and indeed its namesake, the AirZone cut out. The idea behind this is that it keeps as much of your body away from the rucksack allowing your skin to breathe, keeping you cooler and less sweaty, the parts of the bag that are touching your back are made from a breathable mesh this also reduces the weight and is anatomically shaped for increased comfort.