WeeRide Safe Front Deluxe Baby Bike Seat

This baby seat aims to provide a safe and balanced ride for both adult and child, with a centre mounted seat to help distribute the weight evenly and put the child between your arm, where you can easily talk and keep an eye on them, unlike rear mounted seats. The new design has higher sides for increased child-stability, an added strap underneath the bar for further stability, a two-movement thumbscrew, a two-movement buckle release, additional straps on the foot cups, and also features an increased seat size.

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WaterField Designs Arcade Gaming Case Launch

Popular San Francisco custom gaming case and laptop bag maker, WaterField Designs, announces the new Arcade Gaming Case, a compact zippered carry case to hold everything a Nintendo Switch gamer needs to set up an arcade-style gaming experience—a Switch console, JoyCon Grip or Pro Controller, AC power adapter, game card holder, USB charging cable, ear buds and a

Optoma launches true wireless in-ear headphones with new BE Free8

Optoma has launched its first fully wireless earbuds – NuForce BE Free8. For true wireless freedom, the BE Free8 in-ear headphones have no cables or neckband for unrestricted movement at any time. Designed for clear, uninterrupted audio, the protective carry case doubles up as a charger - allowing users to stay connected for non-stop listening on the go.

M2Tech releases the Android app to control the Young MkIII

M2Tech is glad to announce that the Android App to operate the Young MkIII by its Bluetooth® interface was released last week on Google Play. The app runs on every Android smartphone and tablet and the app allows for handling all operative parameters of the Young MkIII. Moreover, it allows for setting all configuration parameters which are usually accessed by the menu on the front panel display.