QuietOn 3.1 Sleep Earbuds

QuietOn 3.1 Sleep Earbuds


QuietOn is a brand that truly believes that everyone deserves a great night's sleep, and through the third generation of their sleep earbuds, they just might have achieved this! The QuietOn 3.1 Sleep Earbuds are the world's smallest noise-cancellation earbuds committed to providing you with the best possible chance for a peaceful night’s sleep.  

Adidas Z.N.E 01 ANC True Wireless earbuds

Adidas Z.N.E 01 ANC True Wireless 

The Adidas Z.N.E. 01 ANC wireless earbuds utilise the technology that all best earbuds for running, travelling and cycling utilise: Active Noise Cancelling. If you’re used to reading up on earbuds, you know what ANC does; rather than blocking out external sound with physical measures alone, ANC counteracts the soundwaves that you receive, making the opposite vibrations so that you experience none at all. It’s sort of like mixing acid and alkali together – they cancel each other out.