Weber Pulse 2000 Grill with Cart

Yes! it is BBQ season, time to burn both your dinner and your skin whilst getting steadily more drunk in your back garden, pure bliss. The Pulse 2000 Grill from Weber takes some of the stress out of dining alfresco by using electric to grill without the hassle of lighting the flames, choking your friends and family with smoke for 15mins before trying to accurate place your food over the hot parts of the charcoal.


When it comes to gardening I have very little to maintain, the back garden is more of a quarry with a few raspberry canes and a handful of tulips for one month of the year, I pretty much leave it to do its own thing, the front garden however has a large hedge on the boundary (don’t ask me what kind, its green and seems to grow at the same rate as bamboo). I normally tackle this hedge by hacking away at it with a pair of sheers until I it looks half dead, or I get bored, whichever comes first.

Sea To Summit Ultralight Hammock Single XL with Suspension Straps

When me and my friends go camping we tend to bring everything but the kitchen sink, but some people like to travel a little lighter. Whilst I choose to sleep on the large blow up bed with sheet, duvet and pillows this isn’t always an option when people are travelling for long periods of time and trekking deep into the wilderness.

Amok Draumr 3.0 Hammock with Fjøl LW Inflatable Insulated Pad and Draumr 3.0 Tarp

If when exploring the great outdoors you prefer to keep things simple, disturb your surroundings as little as possible or perhaps just like to try something new, then a hammock might be a more suitable place to lay your head down at night than a traditional tent. It is more compact and light-weight, but you will need to consider your terrain - this isn’t going to work on the beach or at a music festival, you need trees or some super conveniently placed telegraph poles.

Coleman Pinto Mountain

This year we decided to upgrade our usual camping trip from a long weekend to a full 10 days of outdoor living. For this we wanted a very specific tent: something you can stand up in, as this makes getting changed and general moving about so much easier. We also wanted plenty of space in the sleeping area, as trying to share an airbed with my husband is similar to trying to take a nap on a bouncy castle at a 6-year old’s birthday party, so this year we want enough space for two single airbeds.

Skandika Milano 10

Summer is truly upon us, even if no one has told the weather. It’s time to pack up your airbed and portable BBQ and head to a field with one toilet for 200 people, it’s camping season!!! The Milano 10 is an excellent choice for a large family, group of friends or one person and their entire house, with a 200cm peak height most people will be able to comfortably stand which makes activities like getting changed and river dancing much easier.