Musto MPX GORE-TEX Pro Offshore Jacket

The MPX GORE-TEX Pro Offshore Jacket has been created to keep you comfortable in all weathers whilst out on the boat, it comes in Brilliant Blue, True Red or Black and is available in sizes XS-XXL. Updated for the new season this MPX Offshore Jacket features an improved cut for increased levels of comfort and a darted sleeve construction for better flexibility and range of movements. It has a three-layer GORE-TEX Pro fabric construction, this provides added durability without adding any bulk, with less weight means it is well suited for active sailing.

Helinox Chair Two

Straight from the off I’m going to confess I love Helinox chairs, the regular Sunday set up at our house is the hubby and I, sat in our Helinox chairs in front of the TV, kicking some zombie ass on CoD (we know how to live it up). This isn’t what they are made for, but they are so freaking convenient we tend to use them for everything. Helinox chairs (they also make tables and cots) are designed to be strong, lightweight and compact, making them the perfect travel companion.

dryrobe Advance Long Sleeve

Last October I ran a 10K steeplechase obstacle course. As well as hopping horse jumps we also had to leap over/fall in ditches and run though plenty of streams - as if this didn’t leave us wet and cold enough, it rained the entire time apart from when it was hailing instead. It was easily the coldest and wettest I have ever been and that includes the time I ran into the Firth of Forth in Scotland on New Year’s Day.

District Vision Nagata Running Glasses

Tom Daly (not the guy in Speedos who flings himself off diving boards) and Max Vallot created District Vision in 2015 after a series of life-changing events caused them to discover running and meditation, not necessarily two things you would assume have a lot in common. However, when you consider both practices involve focusing on your breath and body, being fully present in the moment and usually leave you feeling energised and clear headed (only one should leave you covered in sweat and with shin splints).

Solar Tackle SP C-Tech Bedchair (with Detachable Bag)

There is nothing that has quite the same impact on the quality of your day as a bad night’s sleep and the last thing you need when trying to participate in what should be an enjoyable hobby is to be ruined by a semi-deflated air bed or lumpy uncomfortable foam liner. The SP C-Tech Bedchair from Solar Tackle has been created to provide you with a comfortable space to sit whilst fishing and then sleep comfortably in the great outdoors when you haven’t managed to catch anything for over five hours.

Senz Automatic

Firstly, I found the Senz Automatic to work exactly as I thought it would, with the one button opening mechanism working perfectly, with no problems at all. Despite mine working perfectly, there are a few reviews I had seen stating that sometimes when the umbrella is opened it would turn inside out, regardless of wind. So I decided to put that to the test, and opened and closed it many, many times, and not once did it turn inside out.

Lowepro Protactic BP 450 AW II

Now not everyone would find themselves fawning over a camera bag but the Protactic BP 450 AW II is as beautiful as much as its name is boring. If you are into your photography chances are you have some pretty expensive gear so ensuring it is protected on the go is an absolute must. Not only is the 450 AW II gorgeous, it is also high-performing and functional, it has a modular design,  weighs 2.84kg when empty, and can hold up to a 15-inch laptop, 1-2 Pro DSLRs, one with 70-200mm f/2.8 lens attached, 360 camera, DJI Mavic 2 Pro or Zoom or DJI Osmo+.

Joshu+Vela Stone Backpack

Joshu+Vela was founded in 2010 by Noah Guy who, after working for years with major design companies, began designing his own bags. With an intention to place functionality at the heart of every product and ensure only the best natural materials are used, Joshu+Vela strive to create products that last a lifetime. The Stone Backpack, a name inspired by Noah’s father’s photographic project titled The Stone Journey, is available in either a Natural or Black finish, both with a black fastening.

5.11 Tactical Load Up 22” Carry On 46L

The first thing you will notice about the Load Up 22” Carry On from 5.11 Tactical is the exceptional build quality, it looks like a premium product but more than that you can tell it has been carefully crafted with the best of materials. It has been specifically created to protect your belongings whilst travelling by plane; the compact size means it is suitable as carry-on for most international and domestic flights.