Specialized Torch 3.0

Specialized was created in 1974 by a cyclist for cyclists and produces everything from pedal-powered bikes to electric bikes and a wide range of accessories from the helmets on your head  down to socks on your feet. The Torch 3.0 are specialist road shoes with the main goal being to produce a high end shoe full of features at a price that was reasonable. Well the price is probably going to still put a few people off, but these are definitely a top of the range shoe.

Solar Tackle P1 Euro Worldwide Pod

The Worldwide - the market-leading rod pod - has now been upgraded for the P1 range, including the ‘Big Boy Version’. The P1 Euro Worldwide Pod is identical to the P1 Worldwide Pod however the Euro version comes with a longer, adjustable main bar (1m to 2m) and two long, adjustable front legs (1m to 1.33m).

Magura MT7 Pro

A German company, Magura applies to bikes and motorbikes what Germany is famous for when it comes to cars; highly efficient and technical design and engineering. Founded by Gustav Magenwirth in 1893 (where it got its name ‘Gavin Magenwirth GmbH & Co.’, aka Magura), the company creates and distributes highly competitive, advanced-level cycling related products from brakes and suspension systems to helmets, bags, and even sunglasses and clothing.

Knog PWR Mountain Bike Light

Mountain biking is risky enough as it is but throw in poor light conditions and it’s downright dangerous. The PWR Mountain is a modular bike light designed for the rough and tumble of trail and mountain biking with a few added extra features thrown in. This powerful bike light provides up to 2000 lumens of light output, it can be removed from the bike and doubles as a camping light and also becomes a 10000mAh power bank to charge up your devices.

Casco SPEEDairo Helmet

The SPEEDairo cycle helmet is available in either black with white details or white with red detail, it comes in sizes medium (54-58cm) or large (59-63cm), it has been created for fast-paced training and races. The SPEEDairo is packed full of features however one of the stand-out qualities is the optional usable SPEEDmask with VAUTRON automatic visor, included in delivery; not only does this protect you from the wind and sun, it offers a wide field of view and excellent visibility without distortions whilst the VAUTRON automatic lens adjusts automatically

Escape Fitness Deck V2.0

You don’t need a lot of equipment at home to be able to perform an intense workout, however there are a few pieces of gear that will really up the ante - a deck being one of them. The Escape Deck V2.0 from Escape Fitness can be used during a whole range exercises including cardio, weight and balance training. The original Deck was an all-in-one tool for step, circuits and bootcamps, the Deck V2.0 has taken things up a gear by adding even more versatility for cardio and strength workouts, with 16 possible configurations.

Bodyblade Classic

My partner and I like to work out together, with one person resting and spotting whilst the other pushes for the burn, the downside to this is he is a little stronger than me, ok he’s a lot stronger than me, and this means we end up switching out weights and changing the configuration of our equipment with every set. The Bodyblade classic is a one-size-fits-all piece of work-out apparatus that can be quickly passed between users without adjustment and if you are working out alone it is always ready to go, all you need to do it pick it up.

Zepp Golf 2

The Zepp Golf 2 is the next generation of the Zepp Golf. Its new features include the Smart Coach training system, which measures your full swings on the course and allows you to compare swing metrics and consistency from round to round and from range to course. All you need to do is take a few swings, and the Zepp 2 will instantly collect data that can be used to assess the areas in which you could improve, and will even offer training programs that are tailor-made to help you advance your technique.

Vivobarefoot Primus Trail FG X Finisterre

Purely because the name is such a mouthful, we will refer to the Primus Trail FG X Finisterre as the FG X. They come in an attractive Mood Indigo design in both men’s and women’s models, constructed with a ‘less is more’ approach and with a new partnership with Finisterre it is more sustainable than ever.