Digitsole Warm Series Smart Heating Insoles

I have been waiting for a product like this to land on my desk for a while; all the women in my family have zombie feet: they move around like living feet but are basically cold and dead inside. I spend six months of the year in double socks trying to avoid the inevitable onset of painful chilblains and can chase my husband out of a room by placing a frozen big toe on any part of his body, it’s like an incredibly lame super power - just call me Captain Frost Feet!


It’s easy to spend five minutes on social media, looking at all those photographs of tanned muscular bodies and to instantly feel envious at how easy they make it all look. The truth is that losing weight is tough. Ever notice the moment you decide to cut out the sweets and fatty foods they are everywhere? Suddenly there’s more cakes in the office than staff, every social event revolves around eating, and you find yourself staring longingly at the extra’s fry ups in the café of EastEnders.


Dainese HP1 BL Shirt and Pants

As Alfred Wainwright said, “There's no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing”, and, when you are preparing to venture out into the cold, it is important to get your foundation layers right. The HP1 BL series from Dainese takes care of this by ensuring you are starting off in the right direction.

Rapha Women’s Brevet Visibility Jacket

Today I saw an excellent example of exactly how you should cycle in the winter months. Not only was it dark and gloomy it was also very foggy, and this person was cycling along, wearing a black jacket and black pair of trousers with the most pathetic red rear light. This dangerous combination meant I couldn’t see the cyclist until I was right on top of them! If they made it home safely, it would be a miracle…

Rapha For Apple Convertible Backpack / Tote

This unique and versatile backpack has been specifically designed for Apple products (don’t worry, other products won’t spontaneously combust if you put them in there). It can be worn in two ways, either over the shoulders like a regular back pack (ideal for cycling) or as a tote bag (Ideal for toting).