Proviz Switch Jacket Yellow/Reflective

It is so important to keep active during the winter no matter how tempting it is to simply curl up under the duvet and hibernate the entire season away, it is doubly important to ensure when you do go out in the dark mornings and evenings that you can be clearly seen, especially when cycling on the roads.

Triple Eight NYC Dual Certified MIPS Helmet

The Dual Certified MIPS Helmet from Triple Eight NYC is a classically styled helmet with lots of features to keep your head and brain safe when you take a tumble, you only get one brain after all. The helmet is Dual Certified for Bike and Skate, it complies with CPSC Bike and ASTM Skate safety standards and has a patented MIPS Technology low-friction layer which reduces rotational forces caused by angled impacts.

Dainese All Weather Activity Gloves

Last winter we had the best/worst weather depending on who you ask, at the first sight of snow me and the hubster got decked out in our best winter gear and headed out to play! Sadly, after a good solid hour of snow ball fights and snow man construction, my hands were soaking and freezing, turns out my snowboarding gloves only had a life span of 15 years (nothing’s built to last these days).

ON Running Weather Shirt

This year we have had an unbelievably long and hot summer, thanks global warming (just kidding, we all know it’s not real and made up by celebrities to sell more movies) but sooner or later all good things come to an end and its time to bring the winter clothes out of retirement. There is nothing quite like good old-fashioned exercise to help fend off the winter blues and with items like the Weather Shirt from ON Running you can ensure you look cool whilst you keep warm.

ON Running Tank-T

As part of the ON Runnings new and expanding line of work out apparel, the Tank-T is their only current work out vest, it comes in three colours Coral/Navy, Denim/White and Grey/White in sizes XS-XL, it is also available in a men’s Malibu/Navy and Navy/Black in sizes S-XXL, we will be looking at the Women’s Coral/Navy in Medium at closer detail. First impressions - the Tank-T is extremely light, if you had your eyes closed you could be forgiven for thinking you had nothing on, it is just 54g, I have G-strings heavier than that (that’s a lie but my husband

ON Running Cloud X

The Cloud X from ON Running are the world’s lightest fully-cushioned shoe for Running Remixed, after a little research we still aren’t sure what Running Remixed is, but believe it has something to do with the training that surrounds the running, with mixed workouts…or something. The Cloud X is available in men's and women’s designs both with seven different colours to choose from (sadly most of the girls feature the typical “girly” colours, pastels, pink and purple…yawn), and they come in full and half sizes.

On Running Cloud Waterproof

As we move into autumn it is easy to rack up the excuses as to why going for that run is a bad idea, dark, cold and worst of all - wet, there’s nothing quite like the prospect of soggy socks to really put you off pulling on those trainers. Luckily, On Running is here to help force those feet out of the door with the On Running Cloud Waterproof running shoe.

XCEED Swimming Goggles by MP, the partnership brand of Michael Phelps and Aqua Sphere

Michael Phelps is the most decorated Olympian of all time: winning no fewer than 28 medals during his career, 23 of which were gold. He competed in his first Olympic games at the tender age of 15 and set many world records during his career. If anyone should know what makes decent swimming gear, it is him.