The Activ5 is a small home isometric workout device that allows you to access a full body workout all from using this small apparatus. The Activ5 connects to your phone via Bluetooth and measures your strength, precision endurance all through squeezing the appliance together over set periods. The Activ5 Training app features some different games you can play to make exercising with this device more fun and a little less laborious.

Winmau Professional Darts Set

As I’ve mentioned a few hundred times we recently moved, and with our new-found space we have slowly been turning the garage into a 1980’s-themed pub, much to the amusement of the previous owners who used it as a – wait for it – garage. I mean we don’t have a sofa; my office doesn’t have a desk, but we have decided to focus on filling the garage with retro-themed posters and beer mats and neon signs, and what could be more iconic in a traditional pub than a dart board?q If you have ever played darts before the chances are you have used a Winmau dartboard,

Pulseroll Vibrating Foam Roller Pro and Vibrating Peanut Ball

When using a foam roller it can seem like your worst enemy; the uncomfortable sensation of pushing into tight and tired muscles can be hard to bear at times, but these things are really your best friends, allowing you to massage all your muscles and speeding up healing and recovery. The Pulseroll foam rollers take things up a notch by adding vibrations to help loosen muscles, flush away lactic acid and increase blood flow.

Dragon Alliance Drac Matte Black H2O with Polarised Silver Ion Lens

Dragon Alliance was born in 1993 in a garage in Capo Beach, CA, to the proud father Will Howard, with the aim to build a company that can create eyewear and accessories for active lifestyles and encompass his own passions for surfing, snowboarding, and riding dirt bikes. With the heat wave we have had this year I would have been lost without a decent pair of sunglasses, trying to enjoy a day out whilst squinting and shielding your eyes with your hand, let alone attempting any kind of sports activity.

Dainese AWA PM2 Polartec Trousers

Some people may consider the idea of strapping yourself to a dinner tray and throwing yourself down a mountain as a rather peculiar hobby, however for many people (myself included) snowboarding is the most fun you can have in the cold and everyone knows it’s cooler than skiing (shots fired!!) Part of the snowboarding culture is looking sharp on the slopes, your outfit either needs to be sleek and stylish or bold and loud, but whatever you decide to go for it is essential your gear can withstand the harsh conditions on and off the piste.

Blackburn Wayside Backpack and Pannier

Bikes are great; they are better for the environment, a good source of exercise as well as easier and cheaper to find a place to park than a car, the downside is they do not come with a boot to store all your shopping in. The Wayside Backpack and Pannier from Blackburn has been designed to be suitable for carrying your gear both on and off the bike. It isn’t the lightest of things, at 929g when empty, but chances are you aren’t going to be racing in the Tour de France with all your shopping in tow.

Aero Pro, Spinlock

Spinlock is a UK company that focuses on nautical equipment. More specifically, it produces famously-known rope-holding equipment for sailing boats, from dinghies to superyachts. However, the seafaring company didn’t stop there; as it built up a respected name in boating circles, it expanded into other products - most notably, safety apparel such as life jackets and wetsuits.

Specialized Torch 3.0

Specialized was created in 1974 by a cyclist for cyclists and produces everything from pedal-powered bikes to electric bikes and a wide range of accessories from the helmets on your head  down to socks on your feet. The Torch 3.0 are specialist road shoes with the main goal being to produce a high end shoe full of features at a price that was reasonable. Well the price is probably going to still put a few people off, but these are definitely a top of the range shoe.

Solar Tackle P1 Euro Worldwide Pod

The Worldwide - the market-leading rod pod - has now been upgraded for the P1 range, including the ‘Big Boy Version’. The P1 Euro Worldwide Pod is identical to the P1 Worldwide Pod however the Euro version comes with a longer, adjustable main bar (1m to 2m) and two long, adjustable front legs (1m to 1.33m).