Pokémon Pikachu Wireless Charger

Wireless chargers are suddenly all over the place, and if your devices are compatible, they’re a seriously convenient way to charge them. Whilst we’re spoilt for designs, there aren’t many as cute as this Pikachu! Laying on her front, your smartphone charges on Pikachu’s back by resting it on her tail. This is a fun Pokémon tie-in, putting Pikachu’s electrical powers to good use by keeping your phone battery topped up! Her cheeks even illuminate to let you know when your phone is charged, which is a nice little attention to detail.

Spyderx Datacolour

For photographers, designers and anyone else who edits digital images, correct colour calibration is essential. If your monitor isn’t showing you the ‘true’ colour of an image, then when you print it, send it to clients or post it online, you could be in for a shock. Screens come with a limited ability to check their calibration, but to nowhere near the accuracy that’s needed. When trying to check something so subjective yet so important, how can you trust that the work you’re producing looks the way it should?

Bash Bunny

You've heard of high-tech USBs to keep your data safe, but how about USBs to run simulated attacks?
The Bash Bunny by Hak5 is a simple and powerful multi-function USB attack and automation platform for penetration testers and systems administrators. So, if you need to check whether a system is hack-proof, the Bash Bunny can test it for you!

AirFly Pro and the PlugBug

With all technology there is a transition phase. For example, VHS was a standard for videos in the 80s and 90s, but as the 00s came over the horizon, so did digitization and DVD’s. People didn’t just stop using VHS and move straight over to DVD. There was a phasing out period. Hence for a long time you could buy combi devices that allowed you to play both.

Selfkaire Kairetool massager

The Selfkaire Kairetool is a deep tissue massager which claims to have a unique twist. You can use this handy device to knead tight muscles and resolve aches and pains, including stubborn issues such as lockjaw. As a massager, it’s brilliant. However, this isn’t all the Kairetool offers: this tool claims to firm up and slim down the massaged areas of your body, and there seems to be reems of users who agree!

Rosie-Lee alarm clock by VQ

The VQ Rosie-Lee is a DAB digital radio and Bluetooth speaker that gives modern technology a retro feel. Let’s start out by stating the obvious; this radio is beautiful. It had a throw-back design, available in black leather with a walnut face, cream leather with an oak face, or a range of grey and silvery combinations, these simple but effective designs make the Rosie-Lee suitable for a wide range of tastes.

Pyropet Candle Dreki

These geometric dragon designs are almost too cute and impressive to want to melt – they're a fantastic ornament in themselves, and it seems a shame to lose that artistry. However, fear not, for the Pyropet range only improves once it’s lit. These candles take 20 hours to fully burn down, so you have plenty of time to enjoy the dragon as it collapses, and as it does, it reveals an awesome twist – a metal dragon skeleton inside. How cool is that??