Dreams Sleeppal+

When you think of the brand ‘Dreams’, you will probably think of a large store with loads of mattresses and a spoil sport who will tell you off for jumping from one to another (and you just know that’s what all the staff do as soon as the doors are locked). However, what you probably didn’t know is that these guys are so obsessed by what goes on in your bedroom that they have a Sleepwell range which includes the Sleeppal+.

Nerf Dog Medium Tennis Ball Blaster

Dogs have basically been obsessed with the same game ever since the first caveman chucked a dodo skull and the dog ran after it, tripped over it then brought it back to be thrown again (pretty sure this is how it went down)! However, if you have the same weak pitching skills as me, it can leave the poor doggo rolling his eyes as he trudges the two meters to retrieve my pitiful throw.

Doro 8035

We have always had a soft spot for the Doro phones, sure they might not be the fastest or most up-to-date phones on the market, but the effort they go to ease people like my old man, (who wouldn’t have even be able to switch on a phone before) into the modern world is very thoughtful. I mean he still can’t send a text but he can answer a call…eventually!!!


Ever since I was a small boy, I have loved torches. It’s strange, really, but I’ve always loved how they give you the power to see the un-see able in the dark. I now live in the countryside, where a good torch is an essential household item, and I am also a keen runner. Even with the long dark nights in winter, I will be found running, so I have used lots of different torches over the years.


The VOOPOO Drag 2 Kit is a rather attractive vape which comes in two parts, the Drag 2 box mod and the brand new Uforce T2 tank, designed to precisely fit your hands with rounded corners and edges - it has an OLED screen that displays the battery level, mode, resistance/voltage, and wattage. This vape has a 32 bit US GENE.FIT Chip, powered by dual 18650 batteries you can choose from 157W to 177W.

TiGr Mini Plus U-lock and Mounting Clip

TiGr was born via a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2011 when Bob, John, and Jim Loughlin set out to create a bicycle lock that is light, straightforward to use, easy to store and provides good security, while also looking great. All TiGr locks are very secure and have been certified to meet rigorous European bicycle security standards, the TiGr Mini Plus can be used to secure to the frame and wheel to a bike rack, however it is important to point out that this will offer medium security protection, this means its suitable in most situations but you pro