Plume Labs Flow

When we think of air pollution our minds will conjure up images of backed up traffic, foggy skylines and chimneys coughing out great plumes of smoke, however recent research suggests there could in fact be more air pollution inside your home than outside. Think about it, cleaning products, air fresheners, candles, cooking fumes, skin/Hair products, pets, perfume even dust can affect the air quality.

Findster Duo+

Is there anything like the gut-wrenching panic of losing one of your pets? Horrific images flash through your mind of them running around on a motorway or jumping into the back of an unknown van destined to leave the country. The reality is that they are just around the corner sniffing a particularly interesting piece of rubbish just 10 meters away and turning a deaf ear to your desperate calls.

Moleskine Pen+ Ellipse

Moleskine was founded in 1997 with the vision to breathe life back into the legendary notebook used by artists and creators such as Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso and Ernest Hemingway. In their effort to ensure their relevance in the modern world, they have created a series of digital pens and accessories to form a bridge between old fashioned pen and paper and contemporary technology.

Halo Sport Neuropriming HeadPhones

Since the Instagram revolution everyone likes to show off their skills. If you can’t walk on your hands, nail the Scorpion Pose or smash out Voodoo Child on the ukulele should you even have an account? However, you quit your dance classes and music lessons as soon as your mates started hanging out at the park after school and now you can barely get off the sofa without groaning and wouldn’t know where to put your fingers on a Uke.

Bresser Biolux NV 20X-1280X Microscope with HD USB Camera

The Bresser Biolux NV 20X-1280X Microscope comes with everything you need to get your microscopic visuals on: a microscope, mechanical desk, 2 eyepieces, 3 objectives, 2x Barlow lens, 5 prepared slides, 5 blank slides, microscope cutlery, PC-Ocular, dust cover, hard case, and the HD USB camera with metal housing is also included.

Hahnel Duopal Extra for Hero4 Charger and Power Bank

The Duopal Extra from Hahnel is fully compatible with the original Go Pro Hero 4 batteries. It can be used to charge up to two Hero 4 batteries at the same time and features an internal power bank that can provide you with emergency charging when away from the mains. This means you don’t have to miss a thing whilst out on your adventures. Keep your Go Pro running and boost your phone’s battery life to work out where you are going next. The Go Pro batteries can be fully charged within 2.5 hours, giving you up to 5 hours recording time in total.

Dreams Sleeppal+

When you think of the brand ‘Dreams’, you will probably think of a large store with loads of mattresses and a spoil sport who will tell you off for jumping from one to another (and you just know that’s what all the staff do as soon as the doors are locked). However, what you probably didn’t know is that these guys are so obsessed by what goes on in your bedroom that they have a Sleepwell range which includes the Sleeppal+.