AeroPress Go coffee maker



If you haven’t already tried the AeroPress, then let me tell you it’s already a pretty convenient gizmo for making a smooth, crema-topped coffee without the bitterness you get from a stove-top cafetière. Every time I use my sister’s I make a mental note to buy one ourselves, only now I may not. As a frequent camper who cannot go without the morning ritual of a hot brew, I’m tempted to opt for the AeroPress’ portable little sibling instead!

Warbonnet Ridgerunner Hammock

The Ridgerunner by Warbonnet is a very lightweight and easy to set up bridge-style hammock. Whilst being compact and only weighing 27oz, the Ridgerunner is an excellent bit of kit to carry around with you. The hammock features a mosquito net which can be pulled tight, so it never makes contact with your body or face and an additional bottom layer that hangs below the hammock for additional protection against insects.


RRP $254.99 check shipping costs.

In the UK a fire pit is the norm in our gardens. Even in early or late summer the temperature plummets at night and a fire pit is guaranteed to take the edge off those cooler evenings. There is also something mesmerising about sitting outside and watching the flames, I love evenings like this.