HAIX Protector Light 2.0

HAIX Protector Light 2.0

RRP: £179.90

HAIX provide a wide range of sturdy work boots for any occasion, including shoes that specify their suitability climbing, trekking or even tree surgery. In the HAIC Protector Light, the company brought us a secure all-rounder of a boot, suitable as a work boot or walking shoe, but in the HAIX Protector Light 2.0, the company has taken this design up a notch, for only a £10 rise in RRP.

5.11 XPRT® 3.0

The XPRT® 3.0 from 5.11 Tactical® is a waterproof boot, with a plenty of features to keep your feet protected from the elements, available in Black or Dark Coyote (that’s brown to you and me), from size 7 all the way through to 15. The XPRT® 3.0 has aimed to combine the comfort of a sports shoe with the durability of a safety shoe, constructed from a high quality full grain leather that has a polished finish. The design looks like a walking boot, I think it’s a love it or hate it style, I wasn’t keen.

AKU Alterra GTX

AKU was born in Italy to founder Galliano Bordin and grew over 40 years from a small workshop into an industry that designs and produces trekking and outdoor footwear. The Alterra GTX is a versatile trekking boot designed for medium and unpredictable trekking terrains, available in sizes 3-13 in UK shoe sizes. It offers good ankle support and durability at a light-weight 670g per shoe.