Richa Motorcycle Clothing Range

I been riding motorbikes for as long as I can remember, and the weather must be pretty awful for me to opt for my car instead. Throughout these years of riding, I have concluded that you should always wear the best gear you can afford, as you generally get what you pay for with motorbike clothing. My current choice of clothing has boiled down to an armoured Gortex 2-piece suit and heavy adventure motorbike boots. Whilst this combination gives great protection it isn’t the most comfortable of clothing when you get off.

Alpinestars Tech 8 RS

Alpinestars have been making serious apparel for serious sports since 1963, we are taking about the kind of sports where you could potentially die at every second - motocross, road and off-road motorcycling racing, open wheel and stock car racing and the sort of cycling where you throw yourself down near vertical slopes at ridiculous speeds. The Tech 8 RS have been designed for off-road performance with a new, full, inner bootie for a precise and comfortable fit and an innovative buckle closure system for convenience.

HAIX Black Eagle Safety 50 High

Taking safety to the next level is the Black Eagle Safety 50 High boot from HAIX, they sneak a little further up the leg than regular boots to add further protections to the lower leg, the upper material is a 1.8–2.0mm thick waterproof, hydrophobic and breathable leather construction, with a GORETEX lining for further protection against the elements. The lining is also abrasion resistant and has optimised Climate comfort for intense activity levels and working in and outdoors, it allows moisture and heat to escape whilst ensuring nothing but cooling air ge

Scarpa Trek GTX

Scarpa was founded in 1939 by Rupert Edward Cecil Lee Guinness, 2nd Earl of Iveagh, an Anglo-Irish businessman. You may recognise this name as the man who founded of Guinness Brewing Company and the Guinness Book of Records. This guy had his finger in many pies. Although the brand name sounds like a clever rugged word it is actually an acronym for ‘Calzaturieri Asolani Riuniti Pedemontana Anonima’, which translates to the ‘Association of Footwear Manufacturers from the mountain area of Asolo’, which is not quite as catchy -  I can see why he shortened it.

Ariat Bromont Pro Tall H2O Insulated

At this time of the year the weather is completely unpredictable, already today we have had snow, rain, hail and it is currently blindingly sunny! When outside all day you need a boot that can stand up to the harsh winter conditions. The Bromont Pro Tall H20 is an insulated boot made from a best quality full-grain leather, a silky soft suede inner lining leg panel for comfort and a tough waterproof membrane construction.

Ariat Coniston Pro GTX Insulated

The Coniston Pro GTX Insulated is riding boot that is as beautiful as it is practical. Sold as versatile enough for all year round wear, it is fashionable, functional, and comfortable. The Coniston features Ariat’s ATS Pro technology, to help keep your feet comfortable whilst working on them all day and helping to reduce foot fatigue whether you are on the horse or cleaning the yard.