RiutBag X25

The X25 is like a transformer but without embarrassing five films left in its wake, you can change from a slim laptop backpack to a large travel backpack that is carry-on compatible with suitcase style access - with a backwards design for security, all access points and zips lay pressed against your back, so no tea leaf fingers can access the bag without your knowing. The X25 converts from a slim and compact commute bag, 47cm x 35cm x 13cm (18.5inch x 13.77inch x 4inch), into an expanded 55cm x 35cm x 20 cm (21.65inch x 13.77inch x 7.87inch) size travel ba

WaterField Designs Arcade Gaming Case Launch

Popular San Francisco custom gaming case and laptop bag maker, WaterField Designs, announces the new Arcade Gaming Case, a compact zippered carry case to hold everything a Nintendo Switch gamer needs to set up an arcade-style gaming experience—a Switch console, JoyCon Grip or Pro Controller, AC power adapter, game card holder, USB charging cable, ear buds and a

Waterfield Designs Rough Rider Messenger Bag

It is always difficult to write about something without bias when you are already completely in love with the brand, but I will try my hardest. Waterfield likes to combine the super masculine look of distressed leather with practical urban bags, and the Rough Rider is no exception. Its naturally-tanned distressed leather core material contrasts wonderfully with a choice of five accent colours. Personally the Green and the Pine are my favourite as they complement the tan brown so nicely.

EASTPAK Volker 35L Backpack

I really like the visual design of this backpack, the model we had was Mono Mist, an attractive soft blue with light brown leather details which complement each other nicely, the inside pockets are also the same colour making it easier to find items in the depth of the bag. The shoulder straps meet across the back of the neck that at first I thought might rub but it is actually very comfortable and with the sternum strap it distributes weight making even heavy loads easy to carry.

Osprey Axis 18 Backpack

This is a rigorously tested bag, that has been used at least 3 times a week during the 6 months we have had it, it has travelled around London, been hiking in North Wales and Norway and recently went skiing in France. Apart from being a little dirty it still looks as good a new, there is no wear on the bottom from being dumped on the ground due to the tough nylon material, the stitching is still perfect and the padding in the back and straps remains full and supportive.

Bluelounge Backpack

Bluelounge strive to create problem solving products by introducing innovative ideas to simplify and improve everyday life, one of their more recent designs is the Bluelounge Backpack. I was immediately impressed that the backpack was made from 100% PET recycled materials and solid aluminium, your basically walking around with a load of old plastic bottles on your back.

Waterfield Designs Staad Attache

I make no attempt to hide the fact that we are fans of Waterfield and were excited to get a look at their new Staad Attache bag, available in 3 specific sizes, iPad Pro 12.9, 13" MacBook Air or Surface Pro 4, although purposefully built to these dimensions they will also accommodate cases and some keyboards. It features the military designed pull tab clasp that we have come to know and love making quick access a breeze, the two front pockets are angled as such for easier and faster access also and can house up to an iPhone 6s Plus or similar.

Lowe Alpine AirZone Pro 35:45 Rucksack

The AirZone Pro is designed to be a four season hillwalking and lightweight trekking, it is absolutely rammed with special features, first and foremost is the most distinctive aspect about this bag and indeed its namesake, the AirZone cut out. The idea behind this is that it keeps as much of your body away from the rucksack allowing your skin to breathe, keeping you cooler and less sweaty, the parts of the bag that are touching your back are made from a breathable mesh this also reduces the weight and is anatomically shaped for increased comfort.

FREITAG F14 Dexter Messenger Bag

In 1993 two inventive Swiss brothers, Markus and Daniel Freitag, created a weatherproof messenger bag from recycled truck tarpaulins, bicycle inner tube and a car seatbelt consequently the FREITAG company was born. Anytime a company uses recycled goods in their production they immediately score brownie points in our books but the FREITAG F14 Dexter Messenger bag really has gone above and beyond when it comes to upcycling. These funky looking bags are completely unique; no two bags are alike making yours as individual as your finger print.

Skandika Bogong Backpack

For those not familiar with Australian mountains, Bogong is Victoria’s highest mountain, Bogong is an aboriginal word for Big-fella making it an appropriate title for Skandika’s 65lt +10 trekking all-rounder backpack. My favourite thing by far with this backpack is that you can access the entire main pocket from the front as well as the top, so you don’t have to think about keeping essentials at the top of the bag or diving in head first to try and get your spare pair of socks that you just know are at the very bottom of the bag.