Buffalo Ministation Air 2 500GB

The Buffalo MiniStation Air 2 is a Wifi enabled and USB connected portable hard drive which as well as mains can also be battery-powered which enables users to expand their storage capacities without the hassle of annoying wires and cables, while also being usable on the go.The hard drive has a very nice feel to it, it is a good size and feels reassuringly made, this is coupled with a 3 year warranty which always confirms quality.

SteelSeries Sensei Wireless Gaming Mouse

The Sensei is an ambidextrous laser wireless gaming mouse created for high performance gaming on the PC and Mac and uses the latest technology to deliver the same award winning performance of the wired Sensei tournament-grade mouse. The Sensei performs incredibly and I would go as far to say when we tested it wirelessly we experience zero lag, it uses 1000 Hz, delivering a 1ms response time, as well as a high speed, proprietary 2.4 GHz wireless solution that is optimized for high data throughput and allows for exceedingly low latency the Pixart ADNS 9800 l

Drobo 5D

The Drobo 5D is a Direct Attached Storage Device (DAS) featuring 5 drive bays (they can take up to five 3.5” SATA II/III HDD’s or SSD’s), one mSATA SSD in the Accelerator Bay (not included) and is equipped with one USB 3.0 port and two Thunderbolt connections to the host computer.  The Drobo 5D has an internal lithium ion battery to protect against power cuts and supports Drobo’s data-tiering system, this allows it to move regularly accessed data onto an optional mSATA SSD for increased read speeds.  We only had one Drobo 5D to review but you can link up t

Buffalo DriveStation Media

Over the last 12 months we have had the pleasure of reviewing two of Buffalo’s devices the MiniStation Air 2 and their DriveStation Quad and this month we have taken a look at their new HDV-SA series DriveStation Media Hard Drive.  You can buy the HDV-SA series in three sizes 1TB, 2TB and 3TB so it all depends on how extensive you want to make your media library while allowing you to clear up space on your TV’s, Recorders and PCs.

BrydgeAir Keyboard

We had the pleasure of testing the BrydgeAir Keyboard with the iPad Air 2, ideal if you type a lot on your iPad and want to transform it into a mini netbook. The Keyboard is not going to win any awards for being light it is beautiful designed from aluminium and weighs 520g / 1.15lb but this isn’t a cheap piece of tat it is a high quality tactile keyboard, user tip if you are using it as a laptop do not put it on bare legs as it is super cold.

Gaems M155 Performance Gaming Monitor

Pardon the pun but this little device has been a complete ‘Gaems’ changer for me and is one of my favourite items I have reviewed for GadgetHead as I use it near on every day.  When I get home from work one of my favourite ways to unwind is to get on the Xbox One and have a few games of Fifa or Fallout, previously however I could only play on the main TV in the living room which inevitably led to a few altercations with the other half!

Super Nintendo Classic Mini

Yes! 16-bit gaming is back. Go back in time by playing Nintendo classics like Super Mario Kart and Donkey Kong. The Super Nintendo Entertainment System features the original design and even feels like the ‘90s home console but in a cute mini form (so your partner can’t even complain about another console cluttering up the place). It comes with fully loaded with 21 games, two wired retro Super NES controllers and a new Rewind feature that lets you rewind up to five minutes of gameplay from your last save, and each game can save up to four suspend points.

Case Logic Snapview Tablet Case

The Rotating Folio for Case Logic is a moulded polycarbonate hard shell case that is compatible for the 9.7" iPad Pro and iPad Air 2.

The cool thing about the Rotating Folio is, as the name suggests, that it rotates 360°, making it easy to use in the both portrait and landscape orientation. The case is tactile, with grip on its outer layer to keep your iPad safe, and a soft, suede-like interior to protect it from daily wear and tear.