Victorinox Swiss 6-Piece Modern Cutlery Block

Victorinox are well known for making Swiss army knives so it makes absolute sense they should know what they are doing when it comes to making knives on a slightly larger scale. The 6-Piece Modern Cutlery Block certainly wouldn’t fit in your camping pack at 165 x 90 x 320mm but will look much more at home on your kitchen counter. The block itself has a nice weight to it at 1965g and feels very sturdy as you remove the knives, it is constructed from a durable beechwood that has been coated in anthracite lacquer.

Swann Wire-Free 720p Smart Video Doorbell

We have the ability to see who is calling us on our phones before we commit to answering and as a highly antisocial person I believe its only fair that we can apply the same tech to our front doors, the Wire-Free 720p Smart Video Doorbell from Swann does just that and even allows you to ignore potential visitors from anywhere in the world. One of the immediate features we were happy to notice was that it can be mounted in a completely wire-free configuration, this makes installation and location an absolute breeze, however this is also where we came across

simplehuman 58 litre Dual Compartment Recycler

With David Attenborough doing his utmost to break our hearts with every fresh documentary, there has been a dramatic rise in plastic recycling, they have even named it the Attenborough Effect, people are more aware than ever about what they put in their bins. We have a small box to put the recycling in and a large bin for general waste however I now seem to be emptying the recycling every other day, so it is time for an upgrade.

Simba Hybrid Pillow

Ensuring you have the right bedding can be just as vital for a good night’s sleep as avoiding that evening coffee or cheese board, and no I am not talking about dressing your bed in your favourite Marvel character duvet cover. An overlooked item in the bed is the pillow, however these squidgy cushions can make all the difference between a night spent tossing and turning and getting a decent eight hours kip, but with so many different varieties available it’s hard to know where to start.

Catit Smartsift and Litter Mat

When you think of owning a cat you might conjure up images of them playfully chasing string or purring away happily on your lap; what you probably don’t think about is being arm deep in a litter box shovelling out the poop with a special little poo scoop. Even if your cats go outside you aren’t necessarily free from this stinking burden, ours like to pop in throughout the day to use their litter trays (cheers boys).

Salus Controls iT500

Since some smart person decided we shouldn’t have to worry about getting up off our backsides to control our heating, smart controls have been arriving on the market with a range of features and abilities. The iT500 is a smartphone-controlled thermostat that gives you the option for heating and hot water control or two heating zones, whereas many controllers of this nature work off a radio frequency, this product works by connecting via the internet.

ROK Coffee Grinder

When you stumble into the kitchen first thing in the morning desperate for a shot of the black stuff to kick start your brain the last thing you want is to the ear-splitting mechanical scream of a coffee grinder rattling through your skull. The Coffee Grinder from ROK is a blissfully quiet manual grinder, a much more ear-friendly way to start the day. It is incredibly easy to set up and use; simply attach the handle and place the cup underneath, add your beans and turn the handle clockwise to grind.

Logitech Circle 2

The Circle 2 from Logitech is a versatile home security camera that can be used in a wired or wireless configuration, inside or outside the home.The super easy-to-install camera features a 180° wide-angle lens that records in 1080p HD and is Wi-Fi connected to allow you to store your footage in your own private cloud. The Circle 2 is beautifully made, using premium materials, looks attractive, and you can choose to power it from the mains or via the rechargeable built-in battery which gives you total freedom when it comes to installation location.

Kärcher Hard floor cleaner FC 5 Premium

We all know cleaning isn’t exactly at the top of the list of things we love to get home and do - I can think of exactly 597 things I would choose to do before reaching for the mop and bucket - but sadly part of being an adult means having to do dull things like cleaning the floor (the price we pay for being able to stay up late and eat dessert before mains). Thankfully, gadgets are available to make these chores faster, easier and more enjoyable (if you have ever used a mechanical apple peeler you will know what I mean) and the Kärcher Hard Floor Cleaner F