Catit Vesper High Base

Chances are that if you have cats, then you have probably already made a few concessions – such as cat hair on all your clothes, chairs, in your meals…and don’t even get me started on the cat litter trays, the last thing you want on top of that is some tasteless bright coloured cat furniture that clashes with everything else in your house. The Vesper series from Catit is an attractive and modern range that looks stylish whilst supplying a comfortable and scratchy haven for your fur babies.

Sodastream Spirit One Touch

Sodas are great: they are a staple at any children’s party, they make amazing cocktails and are super refreshing in the summer time. The downside, however (there is always a downside), is they are often full of sugar, which just isn’t good for us no matter how much we love it and the endless amounts of plastic bottles that will have David Attenborough personally coming to your house to punch you in the face.

Tower Gluten Free Digital Bread Maker with Nut Dispenser

You would be hard pushed to find anything more deliciously comforting than a slice of freshly made bread, even the smell of it baking in your home is like one big aromatic hug, however the time and physical effort it takes to produce a decent loaf can be very off putting (those guys on bake off make it look easy). Thankfully the food gods answered our prayers by creating the bread maker.

simplehuman Rechargeable Sensor Pump

Sometimes you don’t even realise an appliance is flawed until a better version comes along, making you wonder why it hasn’t always been this way. Many public restrooms use automatic soap dispensers so why shouldn’t we take advantage of this technology and bring it into our homes? I have already been converted and own two automatic soap dispensers, the only issue I have with them is the batteries they get through. The Rechargeable Sensor Pump from simplehuman does away with the battery issue by providing three months of use from one single charge.

JML San Siro Coffee Machine

I am always interested in anything that can make the process of getting a coffee into my system quicker, and the JML San Siro Coffee Machine Compact can offer you such a wide variety of drinks it promises to be a good coffee companion. This machine uses San Siro coffee and tea capsules but is also compatible with all the Nespresso range, this opens you up to a huge amount of beverage choice. It’s reasonably compact, 11.8 x 36.5 x 25cm which means it’s kind of tall and kind of long but narrow, so it won’t hog too much of your kitchen top.