Melitta Coffee Machine - The Avanza

For those of us who have ever felt overwhelmed by the variety of buttons and functions on a coffee machine, the all-new Avanza from Melitta is here to save the day. The Avanza is undoubtedly one of the smallest and slimmest fully-functional coffee machines on the market - it’s only 20cm wide! Striking in its compact simplicity, the coffee machine boasts a newly developed control panel that’s remarkably easy to use. Perfect for when you’ve just rolled out of bed!

Angelwax Enigma collection

Enigma Ceramic Infused Shampoo

This car shampoo has been created using the latest ceramic technology, this means that when used regularly the ceramic molecules bond to the vehicle to form a protective coating over the surface and rejuvenate the appearance. The powerful cleaning performance cuts through grime and dirt, and help protect the coating underneath, available in a 500ml bottle. 

Enigma QED Ceramic Detailing Spray