Furygan Heat X Kevlar Gloves

Furygan Heat X Kevlar Gloves

RRP £279.99

As the winter months are well and truly upon us, you can feel the cold when travelling on the bike. My hands are the first body part to feel the icy temperatures and cold hands slow my reaction times down, not a good look.  As such, I was eager to try the Furygan Heat X Kevlar Gloves and put them to the test!

Blazewear – Plug-in heated base layers

Blazewear – Plug-in heated base layers

Heated Gloves                                                                  RRP £99.99

Heated jacket liner                                                          RRP £139.98

Heated trouser liner                                                        RRP £139.98


Looking for the perfect gift for that motorbiking fanatic in your life? We rounded up a selection of must-haves from Alpinestars, one of GadgetHead’s favourite brands when it comes to protective gear.


Stella WR-2 v2 Gore-Tex Glove with Gore grip technology
All weather riding/touring
Sizes: S – 3XL

Beeline Moto

The Beeline Moto is a smart navigation for motorcycles with a compact and clear display, freeing you from the choice of either a bulky and expensive traditional sat nav or risking attaching your fragile mobile to the outside of the bike. The idea of jumping on a motorbike and heading into the sunset is seen as romantic but getting lost is really just a big pain in the butt, especially when you are on a tight schedule.