Salter Curve Bluetooth Smart Analyser Bathroom Scale

At my gym there is this rather intimidating machine that sits in the corner, it is the worst of all the machines in the gym and has the potential to make you sweat more than any other, this one will tell you your weight, BMI and fat mass! I have only ever seen one person on it, and that was a P.T. this is probably because no one wants to be weighed in a gym full of people, but I have always been curious about the result.

Reliefband 2.0

Long journeys can be unpleasant and boring experiences, but if you suffer from motion sickness they can be pure hell! The Reliefband 2.0 has been created to help treat the nausea caused by motion as well as sickness induced by chemotherapy, morning sickness and postoperative circumstances. This drug-free alternative uses clinically-proven technology to quickly and effectively relieve nausea, retching and vomiting, it comes with the band, charging cable and one 7.5 ml tube (0.25 oz) of hypoallergenic conductivity gel.

Dermadry Total

Dermadry Total is a clinically proven iontophoresis machine that treats excess sweatiness. Suitable for hands, feet and underarms, the issue Dermadry tackles feels a little icky to talk about, but that’s exactly why this is such a useful device! No one wants sweaty hands or feet, and they definitely don’t want those embarrassing underarm stains, and yet, it can happen to any of us. To some, it happens more easily than others, and that’s where Dermadry comes in.

Alivecor KardiaMobile

It is important to take care of our hearts and for some people with health conditions it is vital. The KardiaMobile from Alivecor is the most clinicallyvalidated personal EKG in the world, that allows you to take EKG (electrocardiogram, also known as an ECG) quickly and accurately at any time in any place. This medical grade EKG is roughly the size of a credit card and connects via the Kardia App, you simply place your fingers on the electrodes and view results in just 30 seconds.

Wat Medical EmeTerm Antiemetic

I was probably about twelve before my parents trusted me to sit in the back of a car without an emergency bucket and blanket on the back seat, my travel sickness was hideous, every holiday, day out, and trip to the shop was at risk of being spoiled with the cries of “QUICK, PULL OVER”. As an adult I seem to have more of a handle on things, but put me in the back of a bus or look at my phone for more than 30 seconds whilst sat in the car and that creeping feeling on my skin and lurching sensation in my stomach soon raises its head (on my lunch).

Dodow Sleep Aid

When it comes to going to sleep there seem to be two camps that people fall into: those who fall asleep the moment their head touches the pillow and those who stare at the ceiling willing themselves to drop off whilst their mind plays over all the ridiculous things they have done over their entire life. Not only is the Dodow Sleep Aid here to give you something other than the Artex to contemplate at night but it can also help you nod off by using breathing exercises to wind the body down, ready for sleep.

Skull Shaver Butterfly Kiss Shaver

My boss was reluctant to give me this piece as they knew it would trigger a rant about gendered products they didn’t want to sit through so close to lunch time, from man-sized tissues to “good girl” dog treats it is a pet peeve of mine, so I will keep it brief, when I’m shaving I do not need the product to be pink/purple (I could let the rose gold slide) with a lipstick logo and cutesy name to remind me that I am female; the media, society and my recent cervical screening has got that covered.

Mason Pearson Hairbrush

As anyone with long hair will tell you, not all hairbrushes are born equal, a decent well-made hair brush can last you a lifetime and leave you looking great in the morning, a bad one can damage your hair and leave you looking worse than when you first got up. Mason Pearson is a family business that dates back to the peak of the Industrial Revolution. Over 130 years ago, Mason Pearson was an engineer and inventor, beginning with crafting wool processing looms in Bradford.

Red Carpet Manicure Professional Starter Kit with Pro Led Light

I rarely paint my nails because having coloured finger ends isn’t a high priority for me, however when I do it takes me ages to get the perfect coating only to find it’s already beginning to chip within 24 hours making my hands look worse than before. Your nails go through a bit of a bashing during the day, with house work, gym and training sessions and typing like a demon on the laptop, Gel Polish might be a better option as they have a tougher finish and protect weaker nails.