Snooper DVR-WF1 Dash Cam

Snooper DVR-WF1 
If you have a road accident that was someone else’s fault, what is there to protect you is it becomes your word against theirs? Very little, unless you have a dash cam. Dash cams have become a popular and commonplace accessory for drivers, designed to protect you in the case of incident by recording footage of your journey. With so many dash cams on the market, how do you pick one? Snooper were kind enough to send us the DVR WF1 to check out. 

The Wand Company Fusion Flea Fallout Vehicle

You could show this little car to some people and they might rightly assume it’s a matchbox car from the 50’s as it has that attention to detail and built to last quality that harks back to the toys of Christmas past, however, show it to anyone with a games console and they will recognise it as Fusion Flea, the vehicle from the Fallout series. This 1:18 scale die cast replica was the go-to vehicle for the folks in the Fallout universe, this scaled down version of the sweet little three-wheeler is manufactured by the Chryslus motoring company who gift it to