Pokémon Pikachu Wireless Charger

Wireless chargers are suddenly all over the place, and if your devices are compatible, they’re a seriously convenient way to charge them. Whilst we’re spoilt for designs, there aren’t many as cute as this Pikachu! Laying on her front, your smartphone charges on Pikachu’s back by resting it on her tail. This is a fun Pokémon tie-in, putting Pikachu’s electrical powers to good use by keeping your phone battery topped up! Her cheeks even illuminate to let you know when your phone is charged, which is a nice little attention to detail.

Goal Zero Yeti 150

It is all well and good escaping to the countryside every now and then to recharge our batteries, but it’s a fact of modern life that most of the things we have become so reliant on need more than just some burnt sausages and warm beer to keep their batteries charged. If you want to share photos of your sun burn on social media or continue to annoy your friends by playing the same album over and over on your portable speaker, you will need something to fill your devices with juice.

XOO X Casely-Hayford

I am all for gimmicky tech, and anything that might look like it dropped out of a 1970’s Bond movie is always a winner with me. But what I don’t like is gimmicky tech wrapped up in real leather and then being sold at a ridiculous price under the name of ‘fashion’. So, what is the XOO X Casely-Hayford? It is a wearable phone charger, designed with the help of Casely-Hayford, that has been built into a belt with the aim to fuse useful technology with high fashion. It fails at both.